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Housing at Bloomsburg

Living on campus is more than just your college setting — it marks the beginning of the next phase of your journey. And at Bloomsburg, you’ll live in comfort and flourish as a member of the Husky Family.

Friends take a moment to show their love of the spring weather at Commonwealth University-Bloomsburg, formerly Bloomsburg University.

The heartbeat of Husky Nation? You’ll find it right here in our on-campus communities. From the excitement of move-in day for a new freshman to the grit and determination of a senior excited to finish their degree and start a successful career, you’ll feel it everywhere. That’s why we believe living on campus is an important and exciting part of the college experience and why our residential communities are built to encourage academic success, personal growth, inclusivity, and of course fun. From day one you’ll find yourself immersed in the Husky Life and all it has to offer.

At Bloomsburg, our communities offer diverse, safe, and supportive environments to live and learn as well as providing an unmatched opportunity for you to get involved, stay active, and achieve personal growth – studies show you may even do better academically too.

Your college experience will be more successful the more you actively participate with hundreds of social, recreational, and educational programs and events right outside your door. You’ll find by living on campus there’s no better way to meet new people, share experiences, and create memories that'll last a lifetime.

Our Facilities

Home to more than 3,300 students, our communities offer a variety of living options from single student residence hall rooms to six-bedroom apartments and even residential Learning Communities — where you’ll live with other students sharing your same major and interests.

Traditional Residence Halls

Suite-Style Residence Hall

Apartment Complexes

History of Housing at Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg

Take a journey through time and explore the history and evolution of on-campus housing at Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg. From construction of the first dormitory in 1868 to the diverse living options available today, you'll see how on-campus residential facilities have reflected the changing needs and demographics of the student body at Bloomsburg.

Learning Communities
  • Learning Communities foster an inclusive environment where students with similar majors, interests and goals are afforded rich and varied student learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom.
Coed Side-by-Side Residence Hall
  • Rooms of different genders next to each other on the same hallway with gender assigned restrooms.
Coed in Room Residence Hall / Apartment
  • Coed or gender inclusive housing is available on the 2nd floor of Northumberland Hall, ground floor of Lycoming Hall, Soltz Hall suites or in the Montgomery Place, Mount Olympus, or Jessica Kozloff Apartments only.
  • Current on-campus students interested in coed living must complete the housing selection process and choose to live in one of these areas.
Single Gender Wing
  • Students on the floor/wing are of the same gender (limited rooms available).
  • To request placement on a single gender floor or wing email Students will be assigned as space is available.
Suite-Style Residence Hall
  • Range in size from 1 to 4-person single bedroom, shared bathroom and common space suites.
On-Campus Apartments
  • Range in size from 2 to 6-person single bedroom apartments with shared kitchen, living room and bathroom(s).
12-Month Housing
  • 12-month housing is only available to students who submit an advance written request stating why they need housing over semester and holiday breaks. Students must also submit an interim housing agreement to secure housing over breaks (upon notification that the agreement is available). Housing and dining charges will be applied at that time.
Special Housing Accommodations
Room and Apartment Amenities
  • For information on amenities of the specific room, building and/or apartment you will be living in, see the Residence Halls and Apartments dropdown above and select your residence hall or apartment.
Personal Furniture
  • You may bring additional furniture; just keep in mind, you must take it with you when you move out. For safety purposes, you cannot obstruct egress within the room. Please note that standard room furniture cannot be removed from the rooms. For example, if you decide to bring your own desk chair we cannot store the room provided desk chair; it must remain in the room. Please note, you may not bring your own mattress.
Window Treatments
  • Windows have roller shades. All University window treatments are fire-resistant and therefore, additional window treatments are not necessary.
  • Each room/apartment has overhead lighting. However, it is a good idea to bring your own lighting also. Desk lights and floor lamps are great additions.
  • Residence hall room floors are tile and rugs are permitted; each room is approximately 12’x16’. It is best to bring a smaller carpet or rug because some of the furniture may not be movable. Soltz Hall, JKA, MOA and MPA have carpeted bedrooms. JKA and MPA also have carpeted living rooms. Visit the page of the building you will be living in to visit our recommended maximum carpet/rug size.
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Friends walk from class in the fall at Commonwealth University-Bloomsburg, formerly Bloomsburg University.

Welcome Home, Huskies!

We're excited to have you join our vibrant campus community. To ensure a smooth move-in experience and help you settle into your new on-campus home, we've compiled these informational items.

Laptop computer displaying MyHousing Self-Service next to a coffee mug, iPhone and AirPods.

MyHousing Self-Service

MyHousing Self-Service is your online portal for managing your housing and dining at Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg.

Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg

On-Campus Housing

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Rates & Fees

Fall 2024 - Spring 2025

Room TypeCost Per Semester
Residence hall room
— Double (2-person)
— Air conditioned
$3,716 per semester
Residence hall room
— Quad (4-person)
— Air conditioned
$3,716 per semester
Residence hall room
— Single (1-person)
— Air conditioned
$4,859 per semester
Elwell Hall suite$4,102 per semester
David Soltz Hall suite$4,859 per semester
Montgomery Place Apartments 2$4,959 per semester
Mount Olympus Apartments 1$4,565 per semester
Jessica Kozloff Apartments 1$4,693 per semester
1 Plus an additional $190 per semester, per student, electric and gas charge
2 Plus an additional $230 per semester, per student, electric and gas charge
  • Room assignments are made based upon accommodation availability.
  • Associated costs vary by room type.
  • If your housing assignment changes, check your My CommonwealthU account for possible rate adjustments.

Housing agreements are for the full academic year (starting in the fall semester and ending at the conclusion of the spring semester) or remaining portion thereof. Students who wish to be released from their housing agreement must submit a housing release request. You are not released until you receive an approval response from the Office of Residence Life. A cancellation fee may be applied depending on when you submit the release and your reason for requesting to be released. If we determine that we can make exceptions to any of these request reasons and related charges, we will notify students.

Reasons for Release

Release request reasons will be verified with the Office of the Registrar and/or other offices as needed. If you are found to be attending Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg and living off-campus without an official release from the Office of Housing & Residence Life, housing charges will be applied to your university account.

  • Academic: Reasons include graduating, withdrawing, transferring, military, student teaching, studying abroad, completing an internship, clinical or practicum.
  • Commuting: As registered with the University, your official home address on record must be within a commutable distance to campus (30 miles).
  • Online Classes: Select this reason if you are living at home because your classes are online and you live beyond 30 miles of campus.

Cancellation Penalties

Students who wish to cancel this agreement must submit a housing release request. The student is not released until the student receives an approval response from the Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg, Office of Housing & Residence Life. Upon review of the request, Commonwealth University may permit residents to be released from on-campus housing and/or meal plan. A financial penalty may be imposed. Please review and understand the following cancellation penalties completely before agreeing to the terms of this agreement.

Cancellation penalties for semester (after agreement has been signed):

  • Cancellation request made on or before April 30, will be assessed a $300 cancellation penalty.
  • Cancellation request made on or after May 1, but before July 1, will be assessed a $500 cancellation penalty.
  • Cancellation request made on or after July 1, but before the first day of classes of the fall semester, will be assessed a $1,000 cancellation penalty.
  • Cancellation request made after the first day of classes, the student will be responsible for the Housing and Food Service fees for the entire agreement year.

Refund Policy

Housing Refunds: Students who withdraw from Commonwealth University, complete the housing release form and move out of their on-campus housing should review the University Refund Policy. This is not a weekly based refund so be sure to notice the dates and amount of refund for this semester. This table applies to housing only, not meal plans.

Meal Plan Refunds: The last day of Drop/Add is the last date to cancel your meal plan and get a full refund. After that date, weekly meal plans will be refunded using daily proration. Block meal plans refunds will be based on the number of days remaining in the semester or utilization rate. Unused FLEX will be refunded and a $10 administrative fee will be charged.

Forms & Policies

The forms and policies below will assist you with on-campus housing and provide important information related to our policies. Additional information can be found in the Guide to Campus Living and in the university's policies, procedures, standards and guidelines.

Safety & Services

Residential Staffing

Residential staffing varies depending on the size and layout of the building. In general, residence halls have a minimum of two Resident Assistants (RA) per floor. Apartments are staffed in a similar fashion with at least one Resident Assistant per building. Additionally, each building has a Graduate Hall Director (GHD). All Resident Assistants and Graduate Hall Directors are full time university students who are trained in a variety of areas and can assist with any issue or challenge you may have.

In addition to the RA and GHD staff, each building is supervised as part of a larger area. The staff person supervising these areas is the Assistant Director (AD). ADs are professional staff members who have earned master’s degrees and are ultimately responsible for the staff and students within the area's buildings which they supervise.

University Police

The University Police Department employs commissioned armed police officers to enforce Pennsylvania crime and vehicle codes, university policies and campus parking.

Fire Safety

Each residence hall room, suite and apartment has one or more sprinkler heads and hard-wired smoke detectors. The hallways and common areas are equipped in a similar fashion. Twice a semester, fire drills are conducted as required by Pennsylvania state law. A fire safety training program is also conducted by the University Police during fall orientation.

For information on parking, student vehicle registration and our shuttle bus service as well as directions and campus maps visit the link below.

Internet Access

All students residing on-campus are provided with access to the university's high-speed wireless network. For more information visit our WiFi Knowledge Base.

Technology Support

Commonwealth University Information Technology provides resources and assistance to help students with any tech issues they encounter, from setting up their campus accounts to troubleshooting software problems.

Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg provides on-campus residents with over 80 television channels to choose from as well as a streaming television service.

Service & Support

Streaming Services

  • Showtime Anytime — Stream original series, movies and more, on and off campus.
    1. Download the free “Showtime Anytime” app or go to
    2. Login by clicking "See All Providers" and then select "Apogee"
    3. Search for “Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania” in the Apogee search box
    4. Log in to Showtime Anytime with your HuskyID and password
    5. Enjoy instant and unlimited access to Showtime
  • Stream2 — Bloomsburg on-campus residents have the ability to watch live TV and sports on your computer, tablet and phone anywhere on campus with the Apogee Stream2 app.
    1. Download the free “Apogee Stream2” app to your mobile device or visit on your computer.
    2. Search for “Bloomsburg University” in the search institutions box
    3. Enter your HuskyID and password
    4. Watch TV!

Television Requirements

In order to receive channels via the University provided television service, a television must contain a QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) digital tuner. Since 2006, most major television manufacturers have installed QAM digital tuners in their products. However, some budget televisions and manufacturers may still not have this capability. Some TVs that have shown the incompatibility include certain models manufactured by Element, Sansui, Seiki, and Orion as these televisions do not receive some or all available channels. Please check to make sure your television is compatible with our campus service.

If your television does not support a QAM tuner, you have the option to purchase a digital conversion box. Like a TV, you must make sure that the conversion box includes a QAM tuner such as the ATX VMX1-1*.

After you connect your television to the campus service, please make sure to run the auto program feature to ensure your television receives all available channels.

*The Office of Housing and Residence Life has not tested this device, we are merely showing the type of device you will need to purchase

Family and friends sending you mail? Ordering textbooks? Make sure they have your correct address.

Lower Campus

John Doe
Room 123 Hall Name
525 East Second Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Upper Campus

John Doe
1234 Apartment Name
525 East Second Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

*Red, italic words and numbers are example text only. Make sure you replace this information with your own.

Lower campus residents can pick up their mail and packages (USPS/UPS/FedEx) at University Mail Services in Soltz Hall. Upper campus residents can pick up their mail and USPS packages at their assigned mailbox location. UPS and FedEx packages can be picked up at the University Mail Services in Soltz Hall.

Note: Do not use the word “Box” in your address.

University Mail Services

Our on-campus laundry equipment and service are provided by CALECO. Headquartered in West Chester, PA, CALECO is the largest privately owned commercial laundry vendor in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

Washer or dryer not working?

If you have any issues with a washer or dryer, please contact CALECO at 1-800-662-7444 or submit a service request to; make sure to include the following in your service request email:

  • Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg
  • Name of the building where the issue is occurring
  • Number on the machine that is having the issue

Personal Property Insurance

A leader in providing college student personal property insurance, National Student Services, Inc's (NSSI) coverage plans are designed specifically for students living in college or university residence halls or off-campus housing. NSSI offers insurance plans featuring low deductibles and affordable premiums.

PSECU (Credit Union)

Because you belong to the Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg campus community you are eligible for a Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU) membership. There are three PSECU ATMs on campus in Soltz Hall, the Student Services Center and Monty’s.

Student Employment

We are seeking Graduate Hall Directors who match our values and philosophy and are dedicated to help in the betterment of our cause. Our GHDs are dynamic individuals who use their wealth of experiences to help our department continually evolve, provide well-rounded approaches to resolve student issues, and work to create welcoming atmospheres in all of our communities. Ideal candidates are able to display a high sense of professionalism, a dedication to learning, are humble, flexible, and coachable.

Learn more and apply to be a Graduate Hall Director

The overall goal of a Resident Assistant is to serve as a peer educator and helper while facilitating the personal and academic growth and development of residential students. RAs are chosen on the basis of leadership experiences, interpersonal skills, interest in working with students to develop a positive floor/hall/apartment community, and willingness to be actively involved in their own personal growth and development. RAs are expected to live out the Core Values of the Office of Housing and Residence Life: Service, Caring, Respect, Dedication, Integrity, Inclusion and Education.

Learn more and apply to be a Resident Assistant

Search and apply for work-study jobs at Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg with the JobX Student Employment Portal

Housing Highlights

Bloomsburg Housing by the numbers

Suite-style residence hall building
Apartment complex communities
Traditional residence hall buildings
On-campus residents

Campus Housing Contacts

CommonwealthU University Employee

Mark Turnbough

  • Director of Housing and Residence Life - Bloomsburg Campus
  • Bloomsburg
CommonwealthU University Employee

Michele Stout

  • Assistant Director of Housing Operations
  • Bloomsburg
CommonwealthU University Employee

Mary Prout

  • Fiscal & Housing Coordinator
  • Bloomsburg
CommonwealthU University Employee

Ben Staub

  • Assistant Director of Residential Education & Student Conduct
  • Bloomsburg
CommonwealthU University Employee

Kayleigh Stouffer

  • Assistant Director of Residential Education & Community Living
  • Bloomsburg

Jenna Radkins

  • Assistant Director of Residential Education and Community
  • Bloomsburg
CommonwealthU University Employee

Jason Guernsey

  • Assistant Director of Residential Education & Community Living
  • Bloomsburg
CommonwealthU University Employee

Hannah Hench

  • Assistant Director of Residential Education and Community Living
  • Bloomsburg


The university will make room assignments in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the university will make every reasonable effort to provide equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination for all members of the university community and visitors to the university. Consistent with the commitment to maintaining an environment of dignity and respect, also house students that are free from all forms of harassment and discrimination, whether because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, veteran status, content observed on social media or any other characteristic protected by law. Students can be assured that accommodations will be provided in a non-discriminatory manner, be comparable, convenient, and accessible, and will be at or less than the cost assigned to other students. Students who receive housing accommodations as the result of a disability will not be subject to additional fees that may be associated with such amenities when they are provided to students who are not disabled.