Emergency Alert Notification System

Commonwealth University has a system for communicating emergency information to the campus community.

Sign up for Emergency Alert Notifications

The AT&T Rave system is designed to send text, voice and email messages to compatible devices in the event of an emergency situation. The notification system will be used only in an emergency situation.

Standard charges from your cell phone provider will apply.

CU Alert for Current Students

  • Students are automatically enrolled in this service and will be sent messages based on the information provided in MyBanner.
  • In case of an extreme emergency, students will receive a text message to the cell phone number entered on MyBanner and an e-mail will be sent to their campus e-mail account. In addition, a voice message will be sent to the phone number associated with a student’s permanent residence.
  • Students will also receive a voicemail message to the telephone number for their residence hall room or off-campus apartment if they provided the number on MyBanner under the Emergency Contact Information page.
  • The parent/guardian cell phone and the parent/guardian email address entered on MyBanner under the Emergency Contact Information page are specifically not included in the emergency notification system, by default.

    Students can log into the system and add any cell phones and voice numbers they want to use to receive alerts from CU, such as your parents' cell phones.

    Please log into the CU Alert system by navigating to CU Alert - log in with your campus ID (full Bloomsburg email address {username@huskies.bloomu.edu} / full Lock Haven email address {username@lockhaven.edu} / full Mansfield email address {username@mansfield.edu}) and your campus ID password.

CU Alert for Employees and Non-Employees

Participation in this service is voluntary for CU employees. Employees are not required to sign up for any type of notifications, but those who do may choose to be notified by any or all of the methods mentioned above -- voice, text and e-mail. The notification system will be used in an emergency situation only. While participation is voluntary, employees are strongly encouraged to sign up for at least one method of notification.

Please log into the CU Alert system by navigating to CU Alert and logging in with your campus ID (full Bloomsburg/Lock Haven/Mansfield email address) and your campus ID password.

Once logged in, you can add your contact info by clicking the "Add" button next to each item shown.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use three pieces of information for our Emergency Notification System: your email address, your phone number, and your mobile number.

We get your email address from your campus ID.

The following fields are used from MyHusky to feed our Emergency Notification System:
All three of these below are for the Voice Calls. And all three can be the same if you want to only get one phone call at one number.

  1. The primary phone number is the one on the student record with the check box next to it. This can be any phone type.
  2. Home phone is the number that appears in Phone Type Home. This may also be a primary type number.
  3. Mobile phone is the number that appears in the Phone Type Mobile.

The Text Message (SMS) is only the Mobile number that you enter in MyHusky.

All messages will come from either 67283 or 226787. It is recommended that you add a contact for CU Alert with these two number so you know for sure who this text is from.

You may opt-out at any time by texting STOP to 67283 or 226787.

You may request text messages by texting START to 67283 or 226787.

No.  Once your phone number has been opted-in, it stays registered within the system.

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Inclement Weather Protocol

Visit our inclement weather protocol page to see what to do when campus classes are cancelled or school is delayed

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Emergency Information

All emergency contact and information can be found at the emergency information web page.

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