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Everyone says they have the best campus. But they’ve never been to Bloomsburg.

Commonwealth University-Bloomsburg is within a one-hour drive from such cities as Hazleton, Williamsport, Wilkes-Barre, and Scranton; 1.5 hours from Harrisburg; 2 hours from the Lehigh Valley; 2.5 hours from Philadelphia; 3 hours from New York City and Baltimore; and four hours from Pittsburgh.

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Campus Transportation and Shuttle Bus Services

Transportation and shuttle services are part of Facilities Management. The department has full-time and part-time bus operators. All have PA Commercial Driver Licenses.

Fall 2024 Shuttle Bus Schedule is not available at this time

Need to know where the campus shuttles are? ... Yes? Then click here to get set up, so that you can start to use this new service today!

Need assistance? Contact CGA and someone will get back to you soon! To route your inquiry, please select the shuttle-related "topic" from the drop-down options.

  • Please be courteous and polite to the driver and fellow riders.
  • Always comply with the shuttle driver's request. Their primary responsibility is your safety.
  • Shuttles are often crowded. Please make room on your seat for other passengers. You are not permitted to save seats for others who are not on the shuttle at that moment.
  • Do not bring large packages and/or bags on the shuttle that need storage on a seat designated for another rider or need to be stored in the aisle.
  • Always wait for your turn to board the shuttle. Never push ahead of others waiting to gain access to the shuttle.
  • Please do not ask the driver to stop at any location other than designated shuttle stops.

Parking at Commonwealth University-Bloomsburg

Motor vehicle parking on CU-Bloomsburg's campus is regulated and strictly enforced by university police. Motorists are strongly encouraged to park in appropriate locations, obtain necessary permits, and follow posted rules to avoid almost certain parking citations and fines.

Bloomsburg Campus police are like any municipal police force and traffic tickets carry the same weight as anywhere in Pennsylvania. CU is not responsible for loss or damage to parked vehicles.

  • Currently enrolled students who register a motor vehicle with BU police.
  • University faculty and staff who register a motor vehicle with BU police.
  • Parking for visitors who obtain a temporary parking hangtag, including specially designated areas for admissions and university clinics.
  • Parking for special events, including intercollegiate athletics.
  • Parking for persons with disabilities. Vehicles require the typical handicapped parking identification to be displayed.
  • Temporary short-term metered parking in several areas.
  • Students parking cars on campus must register vehicles with university police. As appropriate, they will be allowed to park in specific lots, including commuters and occupants of residence halls and apartment complexes. Off-campus students living nearby may not necessarily be able to obtain commuter parking permission.
  • Faculty and staff - beginning with spring 2022 semester, faculty/staff will no longer need to use hangtags on their vehicles to park on campus. Vehicles must be registered with University Police by going to the parking website and registering vehicles by logging in with their BU email credentials. That will allow parking in faculty staff lots. Your license plate will serve as your hang tag. Note: Vehicles must be parked in spaces front-in rather than backing in.
  • Visitors must obtain a short-term parking pass. These may be obtained at University Police, located near the Andruss Library. Visitors to the Admissions Office, Athletic Department, Speech and Hearing Clinic, or the Reading Center, can obtain a visitor permit from those departments for their special visitor areas.


Contact parking personnel in the CU-Bloomsburg Police Department via email:

All parking lot signage supersedes the campus parking map. Always observe signage at lots even if they differ slightly over the parking map.

Parking on University - owned or leased property is at the driver’s own risk. The University assumes no responsibility for damages or theft. If you’re faculty, staff or an eligible student you can register between the designated times through IPARQ and The Permit Store.

Students living outside an established perimeter around the University are eligible to park on campus. See the map at the University Police Dept. for a detailed perimeter.

Commuter Students who live outside the walking perimeter will park in the lots shown in black.

Resident hall students with 60 or more credit hours can register a vehicle and park in the First Street (Green) Lot. Students with less than 60 credits can register a vehicle and park in the Blue Lot. There is a parking fee of $40.00 per semester for each lot. Overnight visitors on lower campus will need to obtain a virtual pass at BUPD and will be able to park in the Green lot overnight.

Students residing in University Apartment complexes can register a vehicle and park in designated spaces located near each apartment complex. These lots require a parking fee of $40.00 per semester. Overnight visitors at University Apartments on upper campus will need to obtain a visitor pass at the JKA Community Building

If you're a visitor to campus, you must obtain a visitor's parking hangtag and display it in your vehicle. Visitors may park in any legally lined area on campus. Permits can be obtained in the following buildings: Carver Hall and the University Police.

If you're visiting the Admissions Office, Athletic Department, Speech and Hearing Clinic, or the Reading Center visitor permits can be obtained from those departments for their specific areas. If you know whom you're visiting, you may have a visitor's hangtag mailed to you in advance. Free round trip shuttle service is available between the upper campus and lower campus. Visitor parking hangtags are available at Carver Hall and the University Police.

If you're an overnight guest of a student, which are allowed only on upper campus in apartments and only after that guest is registered with Residence Life, you can obtain a parking pass from the University Police Department which is open 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Parking is permitted only in lined spaces, in the decal/ hangtag designated area. Parking on the grass is prohibited unless directed by University Police.

Parking is not allowed on University property between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., except for the resident student lots, Montgomery Place Apartments, Mt. Olympus Apartments and the Jessica Kozloff Apartments. Parking in these lots requires a special hangtag for the specific lot or a visitor pass.

Parking in some areas of campus is restricted for resident directors, the Community Government Association and University vehicles. Handicapped parking spaces are located throughout campus. Cars parked illegally in restricted areas can be towed at the operator's expense. The operator can be fined.

Special events parking, including athletic events, is in specifically identified areas. Designated parking lots for sports activities are found on upper campus near the athletic facilities; parking on grassy areas is prohibited. Visitors should always follow directions of University Police for special events parking, especially on lower campus.

Special Events Parking Request Form

Parking Information

Online vehicle registration will begin August 1, 2024 for parking permits for commuter and resident students for the Fall 2024 semester. Please apply through this link.

Select "buy permits" and follow the on-screen steps to begin the registration process.

For Residents, a charge of $40.00 ( plus a $1.49 e-handling fee) will be charged at the time of the order.

For Commuters, a charge of $40.00 (plus a $1.49 e-handling fee) will be charged at the time of the order.

Parking tickets are $15 (plus $1.95 payment processing fee), and can accumulate on an hourly basis. Violators who get three or more parking tickets, with one or more unpaid, for at least 20 days prior to the current violation, will have their vehicle booted and/or towed at the owner's or driver's expense.

Individuals who illegally park in a fire lane or handicapped space will receive a traffic citation that will be filed with the magisterial district judge. The fines for illegally parking in a handicap spaces carries a $50 to $200 fine. Parking in a fire lane carries a fine of $50.

All vehicles must be registered with the University through IPARQ and The Permit Store. Metered parking is available at the Recreation Center. Parking areas shown on the University parking map are identified by color codes. Students, faculty, and staff are issued permits in accordance with the color coded system.

Eligible vehicles may be registered at the University Police office for appropriate parking identification Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. Parking fines should be paid via The Permit Store which is noted on the bottom of all parking tickets.

Parking and boot fees need to be paid via our payment and appeal online system at The Permit Store.

Please follow the directions on the payment page in order to pay your tickets. You will need your citation which shows your citation number and license plate number.

You will be prompted to enter ONE of the following identifiers:

  • Citation Number
  • Notice Number
  • License Plate Number

Don’t forget to pay your parking tickets. Please go to to pay your parking tickets. Three (3) unpaid parking citations will result in your vehicle being booted and possibly towed. A boot removal fee of $25 will be assessed. All citations must be paid before the immobilizing device is removed.

Any student with citations, which have not been paid, will have a HOLD placed on their student account. If a hold is placed on your student account, classes may not be scheduled, transcripts may not be received, and you may not apply for a parking decal. Should you have a citation you wish to pay which has resulted in a hold on your account, please contact the police department at 570-389-4168.

Bloomsburg Town Police enforces parking regulations on both sides of Second Street. The means that any driver who parks a vehicle illegally along Second Street will pay fines to Town Police, rather than Bloomsburg University Police. The Town of Bloomsburg Police Department announces new parking regulations on the north side of East 2nd Street from Elm to Chestnut streets.

CU-Bloomsburg permits are not valid in this area. Town of Bloomsburg Police Department enforces this area and requires a pay-by-phone service by Pango. This area will be designated by signs with information on how to pay for parking using a mobile application. The six existing meters will remain and parking can be purchased by coin or the mobile app. The green lined areas will continue to be used for university service vehicles.

Frequently Asked Parking Questions

We hope these FAQs help answer your questions. If not, please feel free to contact the University Police at 570-389-4168 or 570-389-2211. University Police dispatchers can answer questions regarding parking.

Get a visitor's permit and display it in your vehicle. Visitors may park in any legally lined area on campus. Permits can be obtained in the following buildings: Carver Hall and University Police. 

If you're visiting the Admissions Office, Athletic Department, Speech and Hearing Clinic, or the Reading Center visitor permits can be obtained from those departments for their specific areas.

Faculty and staff may register three vehicles. Students may register one, unless the second is a motorcycle.

Park at the Special Events JKA Lot on upper campus and ride the free shuttle bus to lower campus.

From Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., parking is restricted to the designated areas. Open parking is permitted from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Thursday, with the exception of the Heating Plant Lot, and metered parking spaces. There is no parking on campus from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. Monday through Friday. 

On weekends, beginning at 5 p.m. Friday until 2 a.m. Monday, open parking is permitted, in any legal parking space except the special reserved areas, meter parking spaces and the Heating Plant Lot. All vehicles must be parked in a legal lined parking space.

Log into go to accounts and add the vehicle you brought to campus, then go to manage permits and attach the vehicle to your permit. 

You may only have one vehicle attached to your permit. When you bring your permanent vehicle back to campus log in and switch them back.

Get a disabled vehicle permit from University Police within a half hour of the break down. The permit will be issued for no more than three days.

If you have three unpaid parking tickets with one or more not paid for 20 days or more, your vehicle will be booted and/or towed at your expense.

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Welcome to Bloomsburg!

We hope your enjoy your visit at CU-Bloomsburg. Feel free to contact us with further questions.