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Mail Services distributes external mail and packages and handles intraoffice and cross-campus mail for students and employees across all Commonwealth University locations.

Bloomsburg Mail Services (Husky Mail Hub)

First Floor David Soltz Hall

Address Format for Mail

Room number and hall name must be included.

Proper format - lower campus

Joe Student
Room 222 Elwell Hall
525 East Second Street
Bloomsburg PA 17815

Proper format - upper campus (JKA, MPA, MOA)

Format remains the same, except box number and building name must be included.
Do not write the word "box" in address line

Jane Student
2222 JKA
525 East Second Street
Bloomsburg PA 17815

Incoming Mail and Packages

Lower and Upper Campus

All packages and letter mail can be picked up at the Husky Mail Hub located in the David Soltz Residence Hall.

Students will be notified by SMS and email when there is a package or letter mail being held for them in the Husky Mail Hub.

Access to packages being held in the smart lockers will be 24/7. Oversized packages and letter mail can be picked up at the customer service center during regular hours of operation.

Your package will not be available to you until you receive an SMS email from the Husky Mail Hub.

Items not picked up in a timely manner will be returned to sender.

Required Signatures

All packages requiring a signature will be delivered to the Husky Mail Hub. As a rule, this would include most, but not all, FedEx and UPS packages.

Sending Mail

Mail Services can assist with mailing needs. Listed below are services offered when sending mail via US Post Office:

Useful Information

You must include your resident hall name and correct address info - see box on the top left of this page titled "Student Address Format." Contact information provided in that area if you have questions.

When sending a greeting card with something of value inside, it is best to disguise the card so that it does not attract attention to itself. From the time it leaves your hand to the time it arrives to the addressee, it has been seen by many eyes and touched by different people, some may not be as trustworthy as you.

When you are expecting a package to be delivered to the University, make sure you know which carrier will be delivering the package, and the tracking number that is placed on that package. This knowledge will allow you to track your package and also assist Mail Services to better serve you.

When a package is sent to CU-Bloomsburg via the United States postal service with "delivery confirmation service" included, it is important to remember the following:

  • When you track your package you may find the status as delivered. This means that your package was scanned at the United States postal service in the town of Bloomsburg. It may or may not have been delivered to Commonwealth University-Bloomsburg.
  • This can be quite confusing and frustrating at times. Please be advised of this when using the Delivery Confirmation Service from the United States Post Office.
  • When ordering textbooks for the semester, it is better to have them delivered to your home address.

Smart Locker Tutorial

Mail Hub

If you receive unsolicited catalogs or other pieces of "junk" mail, you can have your name removed from mailing lists. The Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Services (MPS) allows people to "opt out" of national mailing lists.

Once you register, MPS will add your name and address to a "do-not-mail" list that is updated quarterly. All Direct Marketing Association members must purge their prospect lists of the individuals who have registered with MPS each quarter. However, MPS will not guarantee that all "mailers" will remove your name from their list. Find out more at

Mail Services strongly recommends that you use this service to reduce "junk" mail that comes into the University. Any reduction in "junk" mail volume will improve delivery of important mail.

Interoffice Mail

  • One on campus delivery made daily
  • On campus mail should contain NAME, DEPARTMENT and BUILDING
  • Mail should be placed together by department with all addresses facing in the same direction
  • Mail will be delivered to one address per employee on campus. It is important to contact Mail Services when changing this address
  • Mail will be delivered to one ground-level accessible pick-up and drop-off point in each building

Business Reply

  • Business reply envelopes may be obtained through the University Storeroom
  • Fund center and department must be included on the face of the business reply envelope in order to be returned to the department and properly charged back

Shipping Request Form

The mailroom has software in place to generate shipping request labels.

The software works best when using Chrome as your browser. It is highly suggested you review the shipping request tutorial prior to using the software.

Direct link to generate shipping request form

  • When shipping an item create a shipping requisition form.
  • Attach completed form to the item you wish to ship and place in your buildings outgoing mail area. 
    • Make sure to include an address on the item itself in case the requisition form becomes detached from item
  • When sending an item with a pre-paid label it is Not Necessary to attach a shipping request form, however, it is necessary to have a name & department visible in the return address area.
  • There is a 2 PM deadline for shipping. If you have missed your afternoon pickup you may bring your item to the University Mail Services Office before 2:00 p.m. for same day shipping.
  • This service is for University business only. Personal items will not be accepted.
  • International shipping requests: Do not click validate address. Place description of contents in the contents box.

Accountable Mail

  • Certified, registered. signature confirmation, and express mail are available at Mail Services
  • Delivery confirmation is also available
  • For assistance with accountable mail, contact Mail Services at x4403 or x4404

International Mail

All international mail must be identified as such. Any piece larger than letter size may require a customs form that may be obtained from Mail Services. Please refer to the USPS forms for more information.

Metered Mail

  • All mail leaves for the United States Postal Service at approx. 3:00 PM
  • All mail must have a return address and fund center
  • Mail to be sealed by metering machine should be grouped with flaps overlapping. Envelopes 1/4" thick must be sealed by the department.
  • All manila envelopes must be sealed by the department
  • V or square shaped envelopes must be sealed by the department

Personal Mail

  • Employees are not permitted to receive personal mail or packages at the University
  • No employee can use fund centers to send personal mail

Lock Haven Mail Services

Hursh Nevel Building

Even in today’s world of email, text, and social media, it is a special experience for students to get an actual letter or package from home. CU-Lock Haven wants to help keep this tradition alive, and we encourage parents to help us out. If you would like to send mail or a package, the official mailing address for any on campus student is:

Commonwealth University - Lock Haven
Hall Name, Room # and Box #
401 N. Fairview Street
Lock Haven, PA 17745

When a student gets a letter, postcard, or a note from home, we put it in their mailbox in their residence hall lobby.  Students who receive packages shipped by any delivery service (USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc.), will receive notification via email from our package delivery notification software, known as Digital Doorman, when their package arrives at the University Mail Room. Once they receive this notice they must go to the University Mail Room to pick up their package.

The Mail room is open Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM and is located in the Hursh-Nevil Building, behind the Durrwachter Alumni Center.

Please check the campus map for more detail. If you have any questions concerning mail, please feel free to call the University Mail room at 570-484-2223. 

Please note that if you track a package through USPS the delivery confirmation occurs when the mail reaches the Lock Haven Post Office, which can be 1-2 days before it reaches our campus.

Mansfield Mail Services

North Hall, 1st Floor, North Wing, Room 113

The following services are offered when sending mail via the US post office:

  • First Class
  • Media Mail
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Signature Confirmation
  • Certified
  • Priority – 2-3 days
  • Express - overnight

When receiving mail/packages on campus, please follow the proper address format as follows:

Building Mailing Addresses:

Building NameMailing Address
Sycamore50 Morris Dr.
Oak64 Morris Dr.
Hickory66 Morris Dr.
Spruce125 Clinton St.

Proper mailing address format (CAPITAL LETTERS PREFERABLY):

  • MANSFIELD, PA 16933

All packages can be picked up from Alumni Hall, Room 134.

Students will be notified via email from to retrieve a package from mail services. Packages will not be available for retrieval until an email notification is sent.

Packages not picked up within 14 days of receiving an email notification will be returned to sender.

Mountie Money is accepted as payment to mail out packages and letters.

Proper mailing address format:

  • Name
  • Room # and name of building
  • Street address of the building you’re assigned to
  • Mansfield, PA 16933

Each building throughout campus has its own mailing address. If you are unsure of your building mailing address, please notify Mail Services and we will pass that information along to you.

Metered mail is CU-Mansfield's mail from departments, offices, etc. that the mailroom weighs and applies postage. This includes letter size envelopes, packages, etc. All metered mail should be accompanied with the department’s cost center. Mail received without the department’s cost center and/or incorrect/incomplete cost center will be returned to the department for proper identification.

All outbound mail received by 2 PM will be sent to the post office that same day. Any outbound mail received after 2 PM will be sent to the post office the next business day.

Interoffice Mail:

  • One time delivery/pickup of mail in the mornings (between 10 AM and 12 PM)
  • One time package delivery in the afternoons (between 2 PM and 4 PM)
  • All campus mail should contain the following: NAME, DEPARTMENT, AND BUILDING

FedEx and UPS: Mansfield campus mail services can ship out packages with department’s cost center.

Personal Packages:

Faculty/staff will be required to bring packages to mail services if sending them out. If you have a personal package to pick up, you will be required pick up your package from mail services. 

A notification will be sent out via email from Brynka (package tracking software) that your package is ready to be picked up.

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