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Early College

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Get a head-start on your college career through Commonwealth University’s Early College program at Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, and Mansfield.  Students may take up to 12 credits per semester. Summer and winter session courses, up to 6 credits in each session. Courses may be taken on campus, online, or through Mansfield’s approved districts as concurrent enrollment in a secondary environment.

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Want to join? Complete the following steps!

  1. Apply!
  2. Talk to your parent/guardian- they will be receiving an electronic form, via email, authorizing you to participate in our program!
  3. Download and complete your Authorization to Participate form! This form can be completed electronically and will need to be reviewed by your school counselor. They will submit it to us along with your high school transcript! Please note, the school will release the high school transcript following their policy and procedure.
  4. Once your requirements are met, check your personal email for your acceptance letter!

Helpful Information

An opportunity to earn college credits that may apply toward a bachelor's degree as well as have the potential to be used as dual enrollment credits for high school graduation requirements. Most of our general education courses and some introductory level major courses are available. You will work closely with your high school guidance counselor, and the Early College staff to determine the courses that will fit your schedule. Early College is offered at all of our Commonwealth University campuses. Upon successfully completing coursework, you will earn college credits that will be applied to your Commonwealth University transcript, providing you with a pathway to a bachelor’s degree.

The cost of tuition for an early college student is $115 per credit, or $345 for a 3-credit course.

  • Allows a student to expand their education in areas where their high school does not have advanced placement classes
  • Provides an opportunity to explore potential college majors
  • Improves a student’s college readiness and makes their college application more competitive
  • Allows students to receive a reduced cost for tuition as well as minimizing the time to degree completion
  • You must be a motivated student, enrolled in academic or college prep coursework, and considering a post-secondary education. Authorization from a parent/guardian, as well as your school district is also required.
  • Early College students are not eligible for federal or state financial aid
  • Students will be scheduled after current Commonwealth University students had the opportunity to schedule. Enrollment is based on space availability

Start your degree with us- Finish your degree with us. Across five colleges and more than 80 undergraduate and dozens of graduate programs, you’ll always have options with Commonwealth University.

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Commonwealth University is committed to offering financially responsible, world-class education. Our scholarship plans continue to grow annually to work in support of our students and their success.

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The Early College program helped me succeed throughout school in so many different ways. Being able to take college courses as a high school student is not only affordable for students, but also gives you a chance to graduate college ahead of time. I recommend doing Early College if your school offers it. It is a great experience that every student should take advantage of!

Natural history collections are necessary for the study of nearly every discipline in the natural sciences.

The early college program is an excellent opportunity to transition and adapt to college life and learning style! It allowed me to expand my horizons and obtain college credits to get ahead at an efficient price. I was also able to easily balance school, work, and extracurricular activities during this past year. The best part of it all is that I am connecting with new people while still being involved and included during my senior year of high school. For any students considering this program, I definitely encourage them to enroll! Don't be afraid to branch out and set a path for your future. This experience has opened many opportunities for my future and has truly been a blessing!

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"Enrolling in Early College has allowed me the opportunity to get my general education requirements done so when I get to college, I am able to go right into my major's courses. It has also given me the opportunity to explore different fields of study. Through taking classes at LHU, I was introduced to the career I plan on pursuing."

Natural history collections are necessary for the study of nearly every discipline in the natural sciences.
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Carver Hall
illustration of Carver Hall

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Assistant Director of Early College Programming
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