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Readmit Students

Welcome Back to Commonwealth University!

  1. Do I qualify?

    Students who separate from Commonwealth University for one or more semesters and wish to return must complete an application for readmission. This application should only be used by undergraduate students who previously attended a Commonwealth University campus location (Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, or Mansfield) as a degree-seeking student and wish to return after not enrolling for one or more semesters (Fall or Spring).

    This does not include students who previously attended only as a dual enrollment/early college student or who applied for admission but did not enroll.

    Academic Policies

    Students must be aware of academic policies in place at the time of return. 

  2. Apply

    Complete and submit the application for readmission. There is no application fee required.

    Readmission is not guaranteed. In order to be qualified for readmission, you must be in good academic, financial, and social standing.


    Admissions Deadlines

    • Spring Semester: Jan. 12
    • Summer Semester: May 10
    • Fall Semester: August 16
  3. Make a Plan

    • Review degree maps for Commonwealth University majors.
    • Contact the department chairperson of the major you wish to pursue to make an academic plan.
    • Students looking to use federal student aid should contact the Financial Aid Office to determine if they have aid eligibility remaining.
    • Readmitted students are responsible for the graduation requirements and academic policies which exist at the time of re-entrance.

    Academic Renewal

    Students who have not enrolled in any Commonwealth University courses for two+ years may be eligible for Academic Renewal. Consult with your academic department chairperson to learn if you qualify.

  4. Submit Transcripts

    If you have attended another college or university since last attending a Commonwealth University location (Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, or Mansfield), please have an official transcript sent to admissions@commonwealthu.edu so you can receive credit for your work.

    Returning students do not need to request a transcript from the Commonwealth University Registrar's Office.

    Official transcripts may be emailed to admissions@commonwealthu.edu or mailed to the Office of Admissions at the campus location you plan to attend.

    Academic Standing

    Students under academic dismissal are ineligible for readmission for one calendar year. They should present evidence of successful achievement at another college or university as part of their application for readmission. 

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