PRP 3581 - Withdrawal from the University

Dr. James K. Krause, Interim Vice President and Provost for Academic Affairs
Effective Date: Fall 2017
Notes: Approved by CCAA, March 31, 1982. Accepted by Representative Assemble, 5/5/82. Amended at BUCC 4/26/95. Presented at the University Forum September 20, 1995. Revised by BUCC 11/16/2016. Presented to University Forum 12/7/2016. 

A student may withdraw from the university by completing the withdrawal form within the Office of the Registrar. Students may withdraw in absentia with permission from the Office of the Registrar by submitting a written request through their official university email account.

When students withdraw during the semester, the grade of W is recorded for each course on the student's schedule if the withdrawal occurs prior to the beginning of the final examination period. Students may not withdraw during the final examination period. Refer to PRP 3452-Undergraduate Course Repeat and PRP 3463-Graduate Admissions, Withdrawal, Course Repeat, Transfers, and Graduation Requirements.

The effective date of the withdrawal is the date on which the student signs the official withdrawal form in the Office of the Registrar or the date on which the email request is received by the Office of the Registrar for a student withdrawing in absentia.

Voluntary withdrawal from the university does not preclude the opportunity to apply for readmission. Refer to PRP 3361 for readmission with academic forgiveness.