PRP 3361 - Undergraduate Academic Renewal Policy

Issued by: Dr. Diana Rogers Adkinson, Academic Affairs
Notes: 10/21/2020 Presented to (*for information purposes) University Forum; 9/16/2020 Approved by BUCC.
11/19/1997; 2/22/2006 - Prior version approved by BUCC


Academic renewal (PRP 3361) is a means to allow former undergraduate Bloomsburg University students to resume their academic career and not be unduly encumbered by their prior academic record.


Academic Renewal (i.e. academic forgiveness, academic amnesty, or fresh start) is the process of removing previously substandard (C- or less) academic grades from your record.



Eligibility for Academic Renewal

  • Minimum of two (2) years without enrolling in any Bloomsburg University credit course.
  • Must be seeking a first undergraduate degree at Bloomsburg University.
  • If academically dismissed after renewal, a student may not attend the University for additional degree or non-degree credit study.
  • Academic renewal may be granted only once and its conditions may not be altered.

Process to Apply for Academic Renewal

Implementation of the academic renewal process in not automatic for renewal-eligible students. Students much initiate the process through the following procedure.

  • Consult with the Department Chairperson regarding Academic Renewal.
  • Application for Academic Renewal may be made at the time of readmission and must be completed no later than the final day of the first semester of readmission.
  • Complete the Request of Academic Renewal Form and submit to the University Registrar for approval of department(s) and dean.
  • The University Registrar will notify the student of the decision regarding the request of academic renewal.
  • Students who did not meet the satisfactory academic progress standards for federal student aid eligibility during their most recent prior semester of enrollment should contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine if an appeal to regain federal aid eligibility is applicable.

Outcome of Academic Renewal

Students who have been granted academic renewal have all courses taken prior to leaving the University treated as follows:

  • Cumulative grade-point average starts over.
  • Prior academic record will remain unchanged on the transcript.
  • A notation of academic renewal will be included on the transcript.
  • Total credits completed will be recalculated based on prior approved grades of “C” or higher.
  • Courses not approved or in which a grade of C- or less was earned are not used for degree completion including general education credits.
  • The University maximum course repeats will be renewed once Academic Renewal is granted.

Request for Academic Renewal; Policy Number PRP 3361

To: University Registrar, Bloomsburg University of PA

As per the Academic Renewal Policy (PRP 3361), in order to the gain the benefit of the Academic Renewal, the student must complete and sign below. The request must come from the student will be routed to the respective Department Chairperson and Academic Dean for approval. The complete Undergraduate Academic Renewal Policy (PRP 3361) can is located on the university policies website.


Term/Session of Re-Entry _______________ BU ID No: ________

I, _____________________ am requesting the application of the Bloomsburg University of PA Academic Renewal Policy be applied to my previous academic record at Bloomsburg University of PA.

Please provide the reason for your request:




By signing this form, I acknowledge my application for Academic Renewal.



Student’s Signature


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Mailing Address __________________________________________________________________

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Please Submit the Completed Form to: