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Registrar Resources

The Registrar's Office is the central office for student scheduling and registration, as well as commencement, college transcripts, undergraduate degree clearance, enrollment verifications, transfer credits, changing of a major, or declaring a minor.

Graduation Information

Fall and Winter 2024 Graduates: The deadline to apply for graduation is September 6th

The Fall and Winter 2024 Graduation Application is now available in Banner Self Service

The deadline to submit your graduation application for fall or winter 2024 is September 6th. If your graduation application is not received by September 6, 2024, your name and honors may not be listed in the graduation program and tickets may not be available for your guests.

  • The Graduation Term on the application is the term you will COMPLETE degree requirements not the term you wish to “walk” in the graduation ceremony.
    • Taking Classes or completing an Internship in the Winter? Select Winter 2024 not Fall.
  • If you are NOT completing requirements in the Fall or Winter DO NOT submit the graduation application.
  • The fall ceremony will be held at the Bloomsburg campus for undergraduate students on Saturday, December 14th and for graduate students on Friday, December 13th.  Lock Haven and Mansfield campus students will have the option to walk at their home campus in the spring or to participate in the fall ceremony at Bloomsburg.

Once your graduation application is received, the Office of the Registrar will review your degree requirements. You will receive a notification when we have received your application. If you have not met degree requirements, you will be notified via your school email address. If you have concerns about your requirements please see your advisor before the deadline listed above.

A tutorial on how to enter and submit your graduate application can be found at this link:

Guide to entering and submitting your graduation application

Addition information is also available on the Registrar's Resources webpage.

If you have questions about your degree requirements, please contact your academic advisor/department.

Additional Resources

Please note that this area is currently under development


Students have access to an easy-to-follow map to an on-time graduation through DegreeWorks.

Faculty can use DegreeWorks to perform student degree audits and as an advisement tool to provide students with the ability to track how they are progressing on their academic program, and provide “what if” information for those seeking to change majors. 

DegreeWorks Login DegreeWorks Guide

  • Internships
  • Independent Study
  • Change Major




Commonwealth University has appointed Parchment as the designated agent for processing and sending official transcripts on behalf of the University. For information on how to order a transcript, visit Commonwealth University's Official Transcript page.



What is Waitlisting?

If a class for which students would like to register is full, students may be able to sign up for a waitlist. Waitlists will start immediately after the maximum enrollment for the course has been reached. If a course has been selected for a waitlist, a drop down menu will appear after attempting to register for full course. If a seat becomes available, the next student on the wait list will receive an automatically generated email notification to his or her student email address with instructions on registering for the open seat. Students will have a limited time (18 hours) to claim the open seat. The time limit for registration will be stated in the notification email. If registration is not completed within 18 hours, students will be dropped from the waitlist and will no longer be able to register for the course. Students on waitlists are responsible for frequently checking their email to avoid missing the opportunity to register. Students are also responsible for retaining the advising code received from their academic advisor to be able to register online.

Instructions for Placing Yourself on a Waitlist
If the course section for which you would like to register for is closed, you may add your name to a waitlist. 

  • Login to the student self-service portal. 
  • Go to the Student Tab.
  • Select Register/Add/Drop Classes under the Self-Service Area.
  • Select Term you want to register for and click Submit.
  • Enter your Advising Code, if prompted. If you did not receive or do not remember your Advising Code, contact your advisor immediately.
  • Read the information on the page carefully then scroll to the bottom.
  • In the Add Classes Worksheet area, enter the course reference number (CRN) of the class (five digits for fall and spring courses, four digits for summer semesters).
  • Click on Submit Changes. If the course is full and has a waitlist, the option to sign-up for the waitlist will appear in the Action menu under the Current Schedule section of the Drop/Add/Register page.
  • Select Waitlist.
  • Click Submit Changes.
  • View your Student Detail Schedule to confirm that you have been registered for the Waitlist and review your position in line.
  • Watch your student inbox for an email notification to alert you when a seat becomes available (Waitlist Position Number).

Instructions for Registering for an Open Seat
When a space becomes available in the class, an email notification will be sent to your student email with the subject line of Waitlist Notification followed by the course reference number (CRN) of the section. (Example: Waitlist Notification for 12345). Read the email message carefully, registering for the course is time sensitive. Don't miss your opportunity. 

  • Login to the student self-service portal.
  • Go to the Student Tab.
  • Select the Term and click Submit.
  • Your current registration will display on the screen, including all courses for which you are registered, and the waitlisted class.
  • Find the class for which you received the notification (the CRN is in the subject line and the course subject, number, section, and title are in the email).
  • Click on the Action drop down menu on the left and choose Web Register.
    • Important Note: If the waitlisted course takes place at the same day and time as one of your other courses, or if it is a different section of the same course, you will first need to choose Web Drop for the existing course prior to continuing with the next step.
    • Linked Courses (Lectures and Labs): Receiving notification for a "linked course" does not guarantee that a seat will also be available in a   matching lecture/lab of the course for which you received the open seat notification.
  • Click Submit Changes.
  • View your Student Detail Schedule to confirm that you have successfully registered for the course.

The class I want is closed, how do I get on the waitlist?
Follow the instructions above for waitlisting a course. Keep your advising code in a safe place; you will need it if a seat opens. The waitlist will close two days prior to the start of the term in which the class begins.  You should always have a backup plan in case you do not get into the waitlisted course.

Do waitlisted courses count toward your credit hours?
No. Waitlisted courses do not count toward your credit hours UNTIL you actually register for the class.

What do Waitlist Messages mean?
Closed - 0 Waitlist: This means that the class is full, and there are no students on the waitlist yet. You can place yourself on the waitlist.
 Closed - Waitlist Full: This means the waitlist is full, and no more students can be added to the waitlist. The waitlist will open only if a.) A registered student drops the class or, b.) A student on the waitlist drops their waitlisted course.
 Open - Reserved for Waitlist: This means the class has the waitlist option and an open seat. The open seat is reserved for a student currently on the waitlist, who is in the 18-hour timeframe to register for the course. You can place yourself on the waitlist.

Are you automatically added into courses you have waitlisted?
No. Although you are automatically notified that a seat has opened in a course you have waitlisted, you need to register for the course within the specified timeframe.

Are you guaranteed a seat in a class for which you have waitlisted?
No. Waitlisting DOES NOT guarantee a seat in the class. You will receive an email notification, if/when a seat opens up in the class.

How am I notified when a seat becomes available on a waitlisted class?
You will automatically receive an email, at your CommonwealthU email address, notifying you that a seat has become available.

Can I see how far down the waitlist I am?
Yes. Log in to student self-service, go to Student Tab under (Self-Service), and then click on Student Detail Schedule. Find the class on the page and find the line that says Waitlist Position. It is important that you monitor your email daily if you are close to the top of the list; you will have a limited time to claim an open seat.

How much time will I have to register for the open spot?
Your registration deadline is included in your notification email as the number of hours from the time the email was sent before your spot expires. Students will have 18 hours to register for the open spot.

If I am on a waitlist, receive a notification that a seat has become available, do not register for the class within the 18-hour timeframe, do I remain on the waitlist?
No. Once a seat in a waitlisted class becomes available, and you are notified, you have exactly 18 hours to register. After the 18 hours, you are dropped off the waitlist automatically.

What happens if I miss the 18 hour time limit, but still want the class?
You can add yourself back onto the waitlist, provided the waitlist maximum has not been met.

Can I see the exact date and time my seat expires?
Yes. Log in to your CommonwealthU email address, go to the Student Tab under Self-Service), and then click on Student Detail Schedule. Find the class on the page and find the line that says "Notification Expires." This line will show you the exact date and time that your seat expires. You must register for the course before that time. If you cannot find the course on your schedule, your notification has already expired and you have been dropped from the waitlist.

I received a waitlist notification email but I don't remember my CommonwealthU username and password.
Click on the link 'Having problems logging in?' link the CommonwealthU login page and follow the instructions. If this does not work, contact the Help Desk via phone (On campus dialing extension 4357 (HELP) internally from any of the campuses will go to the help desk or Off-Campus:  877-435-7280) or email at

Visit the CU Help Desk website for more information

If I have a HOLD, can I place myself on a waitlist?
No. If you have a registration hold, you cannot add yourself to a waitlist, nor can you register for the class.

I received a waitlist notification email, but I don't have my advising code.
Only your advisor can give you your advising code. Contact your advisor immediately. You must register for the course before the deadline stated in your notification email.

I received a waitlist notification email, and I can't register.
Make sure you are following the above instructions for how to register for the open seat. If, after reviewing the instructions, you are still unable to register, you may contact your campus Welcome Center for assistance. Please have the notification email and course information ready so we may assist you more quickly.

If you cannot register due to a hold on your account, contact your campus Welcome Center. You may view any holds on your account in CommonwealthU. Go to the Student Tab under CommonwealthU (Self-Service), click on Check My Registration, Select a Term, and then scroll to the bottom and click o View Holds.

My notification deadline expired, what do I do?
You may choose to place yourself back on the waitlist for the course following the instructions above. If another space opens in the class, and you are moved to the top of the list, you will receive another notification.

How do I drop a waitlisted course?
You can remove yourself from a waitlist, by logging into CommonwealthU, and selecting the Register/Add/Drop Classes. The courses that are waitlisted are noted, and you simply select Web Drop and Submit Changes, to remove yourself from the waitlisted course.

What happens if I drop a course by mistake, and the course has an active waitlist?
If you are registered for a class, drop that class, and then want to re-enroll in the class, you must add yourself to the waitlist.

What happens if I am on a waitlist and drop myself from the waitlist by mistake?
If you drop a waitlisted class by mistake, you can add yourself back on the waitlist, provided the waitlist maximum has not been met, however, you will be placed last on the waitlist.

Can I add myself to a waitlist, if the waitlist maximum has been met?
No. You will need to wait until the Waitlist Maximum Enrollment has an opening. However, our system will allow you to add yourself to a waitlist if you receive the "Open-0 Reserved for Waitlist" message. This message means that there is a student on the waitlist that was notified of an open seat, and is in the 24-hour time limit to register for the class.

Can I waitlist for more than one class?
Yes. You can add yourself to multiple waitlists, but not multiple sections of the same class (same subject and course number). It is, however, good practice for you to drop waitlisted sections, in which you do not intend to enroll.

Do registration restrictions prevent you from adding yourself to a waitlist?
Yes. Registration restrictions (Majors, Level, etc.) continue to work- preventing registration as well as waitlisting. For example, if you attempt to register for a class that has a pre-requisite (which you have not taken), you will get the registration error message, and will not be allowed to add yourself to the waitlist.

At what point does waitlisting end?
The waitlist period for a course will end two days prior to the start of part of term in which the course is scheduled. At that point, the waitlists are cleared and seats are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Scheduling Timetable

March 18Course Schedule Go Live and Viewable
March 18 - April 19Advising Period


Note: Students should register for summer 2024 courses during their fall 2024 registration period

April 8
  • Veterans
  • Active Duty Service Members
April 9
  • Priority Registration Groups
    • ROTC Students
    • Student Athletes
    • ACT 101
    • BOG
    • TRIO SSS Students
    • Students registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities
    • Honors Program Students
    • Nursing students (Lock Haven and Mansfield campuses only)
    • Radiology
    • Respiratory Therapy
    • Health Science Accelerated students
April 10Graduate Students
April 1190+ credits
April 1260+ credits
April 1530+ credits
April 1615+ credits
April 170-14 credits
April 18Open Enrollment, including Early College Registrations
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