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At Commonwealth University, career and professional development is combined with alumni relations to create the Department of Alumni & Professional Engagement (A&PE) within the Division of University Advancement.

The Alumni & Professional Engagement team provides professional development programs and career coaching for students and faculty collaborators, and hosts alumni programs and events such as regional alumni gatherings and reunions. Alumni & Professional Engagement also champions the Professional U career community by facilitating parent, alumni, employer, and community partner volunteerism to provide professional guidance and career-building experiences to current students and graduates.

Whether you are a student navigating the transition to the professional world, a parent or supporter looking to learn how best to guide your student, a faculty member interested in a career partner, an alum hoping to reconnect and give back, or an employer excited to recruit our grads or provide experiential learning, we have you covered!


We provide career coaching, alumni and employer networking, professional development events, resume and LinkedIn labs, and other professional support. Find everything on Handshake by signing in with your University login (SSO) and click on “Events” or “Career Center” to register or make an appointment!

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Our experienced team of Career Coaches (contact info below) can help you with information about career choices, craft a plan for your career, and guide you toward your future.

Start by using FOCUS2, an online career exploration and planning system for self-assessment, research links, a career planning tutorial, and even compare multiple career options.

Create an account with first time access code explore or LOGIN.

Networking is key to finding jobs and internships! Depending on your location, join the Bloomsburg, Lock Haven or Mansfield alumni groups on LinkedIn and filter by your industry to find alumni connections. Attend networking events on campus or virtually such as your college conferences, Career Connections Expos and other events you can find on Handshake.

Got an interview for a job or internship? Practice through Big interview so you’re ready and confident! Contact us at your location for a quiet space with reliable internet, A/V connections and no interruptions.

Don’t have anything to wear for your presentation or interview? We're also home to your campus Career Closet by appointment or walk-in. Check our office locations and hours on the left side of this page for the closet on your campus.

Additional career resources are available for the many diverse populations of students entering the workplace. Career coaches are available for consultation or to answer specific questions related to resources and your career goals.

Did you know that we can create customized workshops and presentations for your student organization? Let us know what you need!

The easiest way to get experience is through on campus student employment where you can learn how to operate in a professional environment, work on projects tied to your major and skillset, and gain some campus mentors in the process - all with competitive pay and the convenience of working on campus during hours that fit your class schedule!  All student employment opportunities can be found on Handshake

Internships, field study, independent research, and creative activities are vital to finding your first position. 

Students with internship or practicum experience as part of their undergraduate career are more likely to receive job offers, and at a higher salary rate, and are more attractive to graduate and professional schools than those students who do not have any applied learning experiences.

If you are looking for career experiences that are NOT for academic credit, search Handshake, LinkedIn, and other resources, or schedule an appointment with a career coach for help with searches, resumes and interview prep.

If you need academic credit for your internship, consult with your faculty advisor. Academic internships appear on your transcript and will include charges for tuition and fees. The Washington Center is a great option for an internship in Washington D.C. CommonwealthU students often receive early decision and housing scholarships.

Still need help? Visit our Internship FAQ page or make an appointment with a Career Coach.

Professional Experience Grants (PEGs) remove financial barriers to career experiences such as conference attendance, internships, study abroad, and many more.

*Applications are due March 1 for fall and winter experiences and October 1 for spring and summer experiences.

Faculty and Staff

Want to provide your students with a look at industries that want them? Partner with us on a Career Road Trip or a Career Connections Expo! Considering a way to add professional development or career experience to your course? Alumni and employer partners are eager to connect with you and your students both in and out of the classroom. Let’s partner to get your students career ready. Start here!

Are you looking for an alumni speaker for your classroom or for a conference panel? We can connect you with alumni who are interested in volunteering. Additionally, if you engage an alumni or employer partner in your class or student organization, please let us know. so we can update their contact information and acknowledge them for their support.


In addition to career assistance that you can both receive and give current students and new grads, news and information about campus happenings, events, and socials can be found on our alumni page

Regardless of your major or class year, YOU have something to offer current students in their transition to the professional world. You'll get the satisfaction of giving back while getting to know students, faculty and networking with other alumni!

Learn about volunteer roles Please fill out our volunteer survey!

Read the stories of our alumni who have recently returned to campus to help fellow Huskies, Bald Eagles and Mounties.

Think your employer is the greatest and want our students to know? Consider hosting a career road trip or a job shadow, or hire an intern or new grad to your company! Create a Handshake profile for your company and connect with us to post internship & job opportunities, register for career expos, post your company's events, and correspond with CU students & alumni.

Update your Contact Information to be sure you’re receiving all the latest news and event invitations!

Are you a new grad, changing careers, or seeking a new opportunity? Handshake is your access to career opportunities and our career coaches. If you graduated after August 2019, you already have a Handshake account. To reactivate your account, or for further career assistance, please contact us.

New grads: Update your Handshake profile to search jobs, access career resources and events. Update your account by sending your full name, grad year, and personal email address to


Commonwealth students are determined, hard-working, and eager to learn! Learn about the many ways in which alumni and community employers have partnered with us to move our students into professional roles for their company.

Commonwealth students are determined, hard-working, and eager to learn! To recruit students from any of our locations, create a Handshake profile and connect with us to post internship & job opportunities, register for career expos, post your company's events, and correspond with CU students & alumni.

Prefer to come to campus and meet our students in person? Fill out the Interview and On-campus Recruiting Request form.

Have questions or need help? Email us at or call 570-484-2181.

Students can learn a great deal about professionalism or the day-to-day life in certain industries from the folks who live and work in those spaces.  Providing a career experience like a Career Road Trip or an internship allows you to mentor a new workforce demographic while connecting with prospective hires and getting the word out about your company. Email Darwin Kysor for more information and to be connected with the right faculty or staff member.

You can also host a student for a shadow or on-site observation, or connect with them via an informational interview.

Parents and Supporters

Professional development and career experiences begin the moment your student steps on campus and the Professional U career community is here for your student!  Since much depends on their willingness to engage with us and the career community, below are some ways in which you can encourage your student to take advantage of Professional U opportunities only available at Commonwealth University!

First thing's first: Make sure your student activates their Handshake profile and sets up notifications for events and opportunities like workshops, networking practice and jobs or internships. Encourage your student to participate in a variety of experiences from in-person workshops to alumni panel discussions. All are listed in Handshake  in Career Center under “Events”. Encourage them to monitor their email for items relating to Handshake, Professional U or Alumni and Professional Engagement.

Getting involved in student organizations also provides practice in communication, time management, emotional intelligence, and many more transferrable skills employers look for, regardless of major or industry. Many organizations are also tied to your students major and can be discovered through fellow students, faculty/staff and periodic activities fairs.

LinkedIn Networking and Resume Labs are held weekly throughout the semester to help students stand out when competing for a position or internship.

Career Connections Expos are a great way to explore different career paths, practice networking with employers and making contacts that can lead to a job or internship later. These events are held throughout every semester and can be found on Handshake under 'Career Fairs". 

Career Road Trips expose students to alumni, professionals, and industries in their fields of interest. Road trips are typically faculty led and students will find out about them in class.  If you would like to host a road trip at your company, please let us know

Networking opportunities with alumni from all three Commonwealth locations help students get comfortable in professional environments by practicing their skills with a friendly audience. There are various events throughout the semester including Career Connections Expos, the Career Intensive Boot Camp, college conferences, career road trips, and more.  Students should check Handshake and their email daily and attend class to learn about upcoming opportunities.

When students have a variety of challenging experiences, they gain a great deal of confidence, transferrable skills and resume material. Experiences like study abroad, field work, research projects, internships, and conference attendance are all considered "high impact", and many times are found through a faculty mentor or Handshake. 

Big experiences can sometimes come with big price tags. Professional Experience Grants (PEGs) can help defray some of costs associated with high impact experiences.

Do you have a career story to tell? Professional advice? If so, volunteer as a panelist or presenter. Review a resume or conduct a mock interview at one of our events, or host a career road trip, student shadow, or an intern at your company. 

Learn about volunteer roles Please fill out our volunteer survey!

Hiring within your organization? Hire our grads by contacting

Are you an alum of either Bloomsburg, Lock Haven or Mansfield? Re-engage with your alma mater via our Alumni page or email us for other ways to get involved.

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Bloomsburg Team


Nathan Conroy

  • Director of Alumni and Employer Engagement
  • Bloomsburg
Wren Fritsky headshot, wearing a green and black striped shirt in front of a brick background

Wren Fritsky

  • Director of Career and Professional Development and Career Coach
  • Bloomsburg
Rashmika Ramlall headshot, wearing a red v-neck shirt in front of a brown background

Rashmika Ramlall

  • Assistant Director for Career and Professional Development and Career Coach
  • Bloomsburg

Lock Haven Team

Ashley Conrad headshot in front of wood panel background wearing a rose colored blazer and black shirt.

Ashley Conrad

  • Director of Alumni and Employer Engagement
  • Lock Haven
Nichole Wible

Nichole Wible

  • Career and Internship Navigator, Center for Career and Professional Development, Career and Internship Navigator Liaison to the College of Health Professions
  • Lock Haven

Mansfield Team


James Crowley

  • Assistant Director of Career and Professional Development and Career Coach
  • Mansfield
Nichole Lefelhoc

Nichole Lefelhoc

  • Director of Career & Professional Development and Career Coach
  • Mansfield