With an alumni network 145,000 strong, we continue to honor the traditions and legacies of Huskies, Bald Eagles, and Mountaineers.

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Commonwealth University-Bloomsburg, formerly Bloomsburg University and Bloomsburg State College, alumni at homecoming

Bloomsburg Alumni

The Bloomsburg Alumni Association was formed in 1871 to keep the bonds among alumni and our alma mater strong. And while the last century and a half has delivered challenges to Huskies everywhere, we have preserved the life-changing experiences and relationships formed at Bloomsburg, while working to ensure current students are as successful as they have been since the school was founded in 1839.

Commonwealth University-Lock Haven, formerly Lock Haven University and Lock Haven State College, alumni at a golf event

Lock Haven Alumni

The Lock Haven Alumni Association was formed in 1886 in celebration of connections forged at The Haven, and to ensure graduates' affinity for their alma mater carries on in perpetuity. Today, it's mission is to engage alumni and professional partners, assist with the acquisition of philanthropic resources that enhance The Haven experience for all Bald Eagles, and to organize events and strategic programs that positively impact graduates' seamless transitions from student to 21st century global workforce professional.

Commonwealth University-Mansfield, formerly Mansfield University and Mansfield State College, alumni at homecoming with Mountie

Mansfield Alumni

The Mansfield Alumni Association was formed in 1871 for the purpose of "encouraging and fostering the spirit of friendship among graduates." While continuing to build on the core values and traditions of the past, the current focus of the Alumni Association is to communicate, involve, and motivate alumni to keep their connection with Mansfield and fellow alumni alive and well.