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The PA Act 101 (Act 101) Program is a state-funded program which allocates funds to Pennsylvania postsecondary institutions that operate an approved Act 101 program. The funds support services to academically and financially disadvantaged students to assist them in successfully completing postsecondary study.

Act 101 students are provided intensive, engaging and enriching opportunities for students to develop the skills that will assist them in achieving academic excellence.

This includes 21st Century life skills and self-advocacy. The development of these core strengths is supported by tutoring, supplemental instruction, mentoring, holistic academic advising and intensive academic support services. Act 101 students are eligible for the following services:

  • Lending Library
  • Laptop Lending Program
  • Educational Materials
  • Tutoring
  • Peer Mentorship
  • Basic Needs Shoppe

The office develops and implements academic, social and cultural programming designed to assist students in developing the skills necessary for college persistence and graduation.

  • Early Move-in before Jumpstart
  • New Student Orientation
  • Welcome Back Session
  • Peer Mentor Event Programming
  • Various workshops:
    • Time Management
    • Study Skills
    • Stress Management
    • MyHusky Overview
    • Financial Aid
    • Major/Minor Review

ACT 101 Student and Institutional Agreement

Basic Needs Shoppe

The Basic Needs Shop at Commonwealth University-Bloomsburg is a comprehensive food and basic needs pantry designed to support students in an encouraging, uplifting and welcoming environment. The Basic Needs Shop features items ranging from non-perishable food items to culturally relevant hair care products to winter boots. Unlike traditional pantries, where consumers are handed a bag of pre-packaged goods, customers of the Basic Needs Shoppe are able to self-select the items they deem to be most relevant to their needs. 

Basic Needs Shoppe

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Judy Rostucher

  • Administrative Assistant - ACT 101/Military
  • Bloomsburg