ACT 101 Student and Institutional Agreement

Commonwealth University ACT 101 Individual Success Action Plan (please complete all areas)

Academic Commitment to Students: CommonwealthUniversity’s Act 101 Program is committed to provide to program students the academic support services needed by the student to: obtain a grade point average (GPA) at or above the institution’s requirement to remain in good academic standing; and to make ongoing satisfactory academic progress toward completion of a degree program.

Financial Commitment to Students: Commonwealth University through collaboration with Financial Aid will assist Act 101 Program students in obtaining grants and scholarships from federal, state, and other external financial aid sources and to award institutional grants to reduce or eliminate unmet need whenever possible. CU will encourage Act 101 students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®️ ) during each year of their participation in the Act 101 Program.

Address (for lending library)

Educational Goals

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Academic Advising

Plan, review, and monitor academic progress. At least 1-3 times or as needed At least 1-3 times or as needed
Counseling Services Monitor and assist with career planning, adjustment, financial, social issues, and make referrals as needed. As needed As needed>
Academic Improvement Plan Assist students to get off academic probation. As needed As needed<
Peer Tutoring Meet with tutor as needed. As needed As needed
Learning Specialist or Academic Coach Meet with learning specialist/academic coach to develop academic skills and study strategies. As needed As needed
Lending Library Access textbooks  As needed As needed
Workshops (Time Mgmt., Note Taking, Textbooks, Exams, etc.) Attend workshops that will provide tips on ways to succeed in class. As needed As needed

The Agreement: I understand that Act 101 Program has a rich history across The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which has helped other students like me to achieve academic, career, and personal goals for a minimum period of one year.

I agree to actively participate in Bloomsburg University’s ACT 101 Program, thereby fulfilling the student responsibilities as stated above. In exchange, Commonwealth University pledges to support the ACT 101 Program through the fulfillment of the University’s responsibilities. This form must be completed annually.