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The Theatre minor is a useful way for students to stack credentials alongside their major when they have multiple areas of interest or focus.

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The mission of the Division of Theatre and Dance is to provide a strong undergraduate education in the theory and practice of theatre and dance, to support the University’s general education curriculum, and to enhance the cultural life of the campus community. The Division’s goal is to develop students’ working knowledge and application of historical and contemporary theories and practices in performance, design and technology, and dramatic and critical literature. We strive to develop artists who are imaginative critical thinkers and effective communicators producing art that celebrates humanity and challenges complacency.

Courses and Curriculum

There are five primary student learning outcomes for the minor, which echo the ones for the Theatre major, but are, at times, reduced in scale to reflect the smaller number of credits allocated to a minor.

  1. History/Criticism/Literature: Graduates of the program will recognize and be able to communicate trends in theatre history, dramatic structure, dramatic styles associated with various periods, and/or characteristics of the work of important theatre practitioners.
  2. Knowledge of Design Process: Graduate of the program will have a working knowledge of the theatrical design process and the basic skills necessary to develop initial design ideas, research and present the design ideas, and collaboratively integrate them into an initial design concept presentation.
  3. Knowledge of Acting: Graduates of the program will have a working knowledge of the practice of acting and the basic skills for performance.
  4. Rehearsal, Construction, and Performance: Graduates of the program will demonstrate a working knowledge of appropriate rehearsal, construction, and performance practices through application in theatrical disciplines in a collaborative production setting.
  5. Specific Theatrical Discipline: Graduates of the program will demonstrate appropriate skills for future personal and professional success in a specific theatrical discipline or area.

The Theatre & Dance Strategic Plan outlines 4 main areas of focus:

  1. Academic Excellence

In line with the fundamental mission of the academy, the Division of Theatre and Dance seeks to promote a thorough understanding of theory and practice in our artistic disciplines.

Toward this end, we encourage students to explore both historical foundations and current innovations affecting these pursuits.

This philosophy is in keeping with the ideas and approaches to arts education advocated for by our accrediting body: “Professionals know from personal experience that art, though dependent on talent, inspiration, and creativity, requires much more to function as a significant spiritual and educational force. Talent without skills, inspiration without knowledge, and creativity without technique count for little but lost potential.”

  1. Artistic Quality

The Division of Theatre and Dance seeks to support artistic excellence in the work of both students and faculty, on campus and beyond the limits of the academy.

This philosophy is in keeping with the ideas and approaches to arts education advocated for by our accrediting body: “Dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts are professions requiring talent, knowledge, skill, and dedication. Professional artists have created some of man’s highest achievements. Yet, artists need no license to practice: employment and success depend almost entirely on competence demonstrated through audition or portfolio review.”

  1. Cultural Enhancement & Diversification of the Campus & Broader Community

The Division of Theatre and Dance seeks to offer a range of theatre and dance genres and styles and to broaden community access to, and attendance at, these events.

  1. Public Awareness

The Division of Theatre and Dance has a history of excellent instruction resulting in both program and graduate success. Part of our efforts will be dedicated toward communicating that excellence to the broader community.

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