Dance students during the annual dance minor concert at the Bloomsburg campus in Haas Center for the Arts

Dance (Minor)

Dance gives us a lens through which to view humanity, as dance has been around as long as people, in every culture around the world.

Degrees & Offerings
  • Minor
  • Bloomsburg
Program Contact
Director of Dance, Professor of Theatre and Dance
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Dance Minor Checklist

Effective Fall 2023

Dance Minor Core (6 Credits)

  • DANC110: Dance History - 3 credits
  • DANC225: Choreography - 3 credits

Dance Minor Electives (15 credits)

Technique Courses – Select any three for 9 credits total
  • DANC115: Ballet & Jazz I - 3 credits
  • DANC215: Modern I/II - 3 credits
  • DANC315: Jazz II - 3 credits
  • DANC325: Ballet II - 3 credits
  • DANC425: Special Topics - 3 credits (Can only be used once in the minor, either here as a technique course OR below as an advance techniques and performance course option)
Advanced Technique and Performance Courses - Select any two for 6 credits total
  • DANC350: Ensemble - 3 credits
  • DANC400: Repertory - 3 credits
  • DANC425: Special Topics - 3 credits (Can only be used once in the minor, either here as a technique course OR below as an advance techniques and performance course option)

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Courses and Curriculum

The Minor in Dance program consists of 21 credits which cover a broad range of topics aimed at developing technique, exploring the history of the form, expanding performance skills, exploring multi-cultural forms, and practicing the craft of dance-making. The program seeks to instill students with knowledge of current and contemporary practices and philosophies within the field, while revealing potential career possibilities both directly and indirectly related to the art form itself. Through analytical, critical, physical, artistic and practical experiences, students will digest a broad view of dance, while having the ability to select electives appropriate to their direct interests and/or area of major studies.

Note: Students enrolled prior to the Fall 2023 semester should speak directly with their assigned academic advisor about any questions regarding their specific requirements for graduation instead of using the linked document/text.

The CU Difference

Kim Davis performing with Meghan Trainor
Rising Star
Christina Davis '13, a dance minor graduate, has been performing on tour for years as a backup dancer for many top talents, such as Meghan Trainor.


The study of dance as an art form develops superb intellectual, artistic, physical and emotional competencies. Dedication, precision, shared collaboration, and critical body awareness are just a few of the skills students may gain. Such work is highly transferable to many fields including nursing, teaching, counseling, physical therapy, and theatre among others.

Potential Job Opportunities

  • Arts Therapy
  • Dance Therapy
  • Education
  • Physical Therapy
  • Choreography and Performance
  • Educational Psychology
  • Cultural Studies and Anthropology

Top Skills Employers are Looking For

  • physicality
  • creativity
  • attention to detail
  • coordination
  • sense of expression

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