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Black Studies Minor

The Black Studies Minor is an 18-credit minor that uses an interdisciplinary approach to analyze historical and current issues of people of African descent in the United States. The minor affords students the opportunity to explore multiple academic disciplines through the lens of the Black experience and consider personal views about race and racism, using anti-Black racism as a framework for understanding.

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Students will consider ways to promote racial equity and become leaders and social activists within their respective communities. The Black Studies Minor is designed to attract students from all fields of study and complement all majors.

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Courses and Curriculum

3 Required Courses | 9 Credits

ISTD 120—Antiracism, Equity, and Social Responsibility

ISTD 220—An Introduction to Exploring Black Studies

ISTD 320—Special Topics in Black Studies

Degree Works

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3 Courses | 9 Credits

  • SOWK 200 Diversity and Social Justice
  • SOC 202 Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • PSY 331 Psychology of Race
  • ENG 281 Civil Rights Novel 
  • ENG 282 African American Literature 
  • POL Race and Politics in the US 
  • HIS African American History
  • HIS History of Africa 
  • HIS Pre-colonial Africa 
  • PHIL Philosophy of Africa 
  • ANT Race and Human Variation 
  • COM Communicating Identity and Difference
  • (TBD) Art of Africa and Oceana

Students who successfully complete the Black Studies Minor will be able to:

  1. Identify, explain, and critically evaluate examples of anti-Black racism in past and present institutions, policies, cultures, and practice using an interdisciplinary approach.
  2. Identify, explain and critically evaluate how race, culture, and history shape one’s social identity and place in society using an interdisciplinary approach.
  3. Compare, contrast, and synthesize disciplinary approaches to exploring Black Studies.
  4. Explore courses from at least two disciplines that focus on Black Studies including but not limited to African and African-American art, communication, culture, education, history, literature, music, political science, psychology, sociology, and theatre in order to gain a multi-disciplinary perspective.
  5. Identify, explain, and critically evaluate personal, academic, professional, and/or institutional pathways to promote racial equity within one’s sphere of influence. 
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