PRP 7630 - Outside Remuneration During Leaves of Absence with Pay (Sabbatical Leaves)

Issued By: JoAnne S. Growney, Acting Provost and VPAA
Effective Date: June 11, 1980
Notes: Originally approved by Board of Trustees, June 11, 1980. Reapproved by President's Cabinet, April 30, 1984.

Any employment during a sabbatical leave must be included as part of the original sabbatical leave request, or, if not included in that request, it must receive prior written approval by the appropriate Dean, Vice President, and President of the University.

An employee who accepts outside employment during a sabbatical leave without such approval will be changed in status to "leave without pay" for the period of the sabbatical leave.


An employee on sabbatical leave may accept a grant or remuneration for employment provided that:

  1. The amount is for the purpose of defraying expenses related to travel or relocation costs.
  2. The total amount received, plus the employee's salary for the leave, minus the travel and/or relocation costs, shall not exceed the total salary that would have been received from the Commonwealth if the employee had not been on sabbatical leave.
  3. The grant activities or employment for which remuneration is to be received is specified in the application for sabbatical leave and has been approved by the University Sabbatical Committee, the Deans' Council, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the President of the University as fulfilling the professional and contractual purposes for which sabbatical leaves are awarded.

Any change in the sabbatical leave plan as described in the application must have the prior written approval of the appropriate Dean, Vice President, and the President of the University. This consideration applies to all sabbatical leave changes, but is included herein with particular reference to sabbatical leave changes involving outside remuneration.