PRP 4810 - Alcoholic Beverage Policy

Issued by: H. Preston Herring, Vice President for Student Life
Effective Date: Fall 2003
Notes: 3/89 Recom. from Alcohol and Drug Task Force; 5/89-Revisions by SLSC; 9/89 Begin Discussion Across Campus; 1/90 Reviewed by SLSC; 2/90 Reviewed by SLSC; 4/90 Reviewed by SLSC; 4/25 Reviewed by Forum; 7/17/90 Concurred upon by Pres. Cabinet; 4/11/03 - Revisions by SLSC; 4/30/03 - Reviewed by Forum; Reviewed/Updated by Student Life Standing Committee, Spring 2012; Reviewed by Forum, Approved Emergency Implementation after First Reading 4/24/13; Second Reading, Recommended for Approval 3/26/14

Rationale for Policy

It is the policy of Bloomsburg University that no alcoholic beverages are permitted on campus, in any university-owned buildings, or on university property, except in the private residences of those university officials and employees required to live on university property, and in the instance of university-sponsored events for which special permission is received or university-approved tailgating within the guidelines of this policy.

This alcoholic beverage policy will operate within the framework and in support of Commonwealth law regarding the use, sale, exchange, consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages. Those in violation of this policy will be dealt with in accordance with the University judicial policy and when applicable will be prosecuted in accordance with Commonwealth law.

For the purpose of this policy, students shall be defined as those who have matriculated at the University and have not yet graduated or officially withdrawn.


Alcohol, alcoholic beverage, special events involving alcohol, tailgating

Background Information

The purpose of this policy is to outline the institution’s position on alcohol use (and misuse), and also refers to information pertinent to students in the Student Code of Conduct.


A. It shall be the concurrent responsibility of members of the Bloomsburg University faculty, staff, and students to make themselves aware of the provisions of Commonwealth law and university policy related to alcoholic use and abuse.

B. University faculty, staff, and students who bring guests to campus (e.g., camps, conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, etc.) are responsible for informing those individuals of the university alcoholic beverage policies.

C. Individual students and/or student organizations who host events on or off campus are responsible for the action and safety of their guests and must be aware of the liabilities assumed in providing and serving alcoholic beverages to others.

D. Non-students who violate the university's alcoholic beverage policy and whose actions are not in compliance with the orderly operation of the university will be prosecuted in accordance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania legal statutes. They will be required to leave campus and may not return for at least 24 hours. Non-students involved in on-campus violation of the alcoholic beverage policy are the responsibility of their host/hostess.

E. University employees who violate this policy in the course of their duties will be subject to disciplinary proceedings as defined by the appropriate collective bargaining agreement or by the appropriate supervisor.

F. University funds may not be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

G. Advertising of off-campus events where alcoholic beverages will be served as an incentive for attendance is not permitted.

H. For off-campus events where alcoholic beverages are being served, the management of the facility chosen for the function has the legal responsibility for procuring identifications of those purchasing alcoholic beverages, and that such responsibility rests solely with the management of the facility.

I. When the Dean of Students Office is notified by an official from another university/college or any police department of alcohol related misconduct, the individual or group of students will be subject to university disciplinary proceedings.

J. Students or student organizations found guilty of violating the university alcoholic beverage policy will be sanctioned in relation to the severity of the incident and in accordance with the due process guidelines contained in PRP 4802, the Student Code of Conduct.

K. Disclosure of information to a parent or legal guardian of a student regarding the use and possession of alcohol will be released only in accordance with federal and state law, and only after that student has been found in violation of this policy.

L. Alcoholic beverages may be served at university-sponsored events on campus, in special circumstances, where written permission has been obtained from the University President or his/her designee. University-approved tailgating in designated locations does not require special permission. Requests to serve alcoholic beverages on university property must be made in writing using the Special Event form to the Office of the President no less than 10 working days prior to the event. The sponsor/requestor must be present at the event and assume responsibility for adherence for the event and to the following criteria:

  • Bloomsburg University upholds all applicable federal, state and local laws and ordinances pertaining to the consumption, sale, possession and transportation of alcohol, including the specific prohibition to the serving, distribution and/or sale of alcoholic beverages to individuals under the age of 21.
  • The sale of alcoholic beverages without a license from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is prohibited.
  • With the exception of university-approved tailgating in designated locations, university-sponsored events at which alcohol is served must be held between 4 p.m. and midnight, Monday through Friday and between noon and midnight Saturday or Sunday or when classes are not in session.
  • Any tailgating activities, with or without alcohol, must be conducted in compliance with the university’s tailgating policy (PRP 4815).
  • Alcohol may not be possessed or served in buildings where classes are in session.
  • With the exception of university-approved tailgating in designated locations, alcoholic beverages must be served by the university’s food service provider or other university approved vendor, as opposed to self-service to help provide a level of safety for event attendees. The university and/or its food service vendor reserve the right to request identification from individuals who appear to be under age and to refuse service to anyone. Any tailgate participants who consume alcohol (self-service) assure all applicable laws and policies are followed. Kegs and other large volume containers are not allowed at any on-campus function.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages and food must be available at any event where alcohol is served. With the exception of university-approved tailgating, food and beverages must be supplied by the university’s food service provider or other university-approved provider.
  • With the exception of tailgating, serving of alcoholic beverages will end at least one-half hour before the end of the event. For tailgating, consumption of alcohol must cease one hour following the conclusion of the game, yet tailgating can continue for two hours following the conclusion of the game.
  • Funds from state appropriations or from tuition and fees cannot be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.
  • Events must be open only to the BU community and invited guests and not open to the general public.

Additional Criteria for Events Scheduled through Conference Services

In addition to abiding by the above criteria, non-university groups:

  • Must go through BU Conference Services for booking with Facilities Use Agreement.
  • Must use the Bloomsburg University campus dining provider for food catering and bartending service(s).
  • Must purchase their own alcohol and deliver to campus dining provider.
  • May only use approved facilities during summer or during times that students are not in classes or on campus due to university schedule, e.g. holiday breaks or upon special permission by the president. The Fenstemaker Alumni House will be permitted to be used during the school year.