PRP 2405 - Space Request Policy

ISSUED BY: John Loonan, Vice President for Administration and Finance

NOTES: Effective Date 9/22/1986. Revised on 9/11/2019 by Dr. Michael McFarland. Presented to Forum on 10/23/2019

Effective Date: October 23, 2019


The policy was established to provide direction to University members when reviewing requests for space consideration, changes, and assignment through the Planning and Budget Sub-Committee, Space and Facilities.


Space, Facilities, Planning and Budget, Space requests, Classroom space


The policy was originally created in 1986 and not modified since.  Based on changes at Bloomsburg University, the revisions align with current staffing and changes in organizational structures.



Space and Facilities Committee agendas will be distributed to Vice Presidents (VP), as well as to committee members.

Because requests for space continue to outnumber spaces available, all space requests and notices of vacant space should be directed to the Space and Facilities Committee for possible discussion before an administrative decision is reached.

Requests for space should follow normal administrative channels (and should be accompanied by administrative recommendation) to the level of the VPs or their designees.

The space requests of the VP shall be forwarded in priority order to the Chair of the Space and Facilities Committee. Requests that involve more than one division will usually receive sub-committee action.

Requests which require investigative or coordinating work outside of committee will be assigned to a sub-committee composed of committee members of the affected areas with the AVP for Facilities Management or designee. The registrar or designee will also serve if classroom space is considered.

Recommendations of the committee are made to the VP for Administration who will confer with administrators of areas affected before rendering a decision. Decisions of the VP of Administration will be conveyed to the requester. Appeals may be directed to the President.

Committee recommendations will be reported through its minutes to the Planning and Budget Committee.