Scott Inch


Professor of Mathematical and Digital Sciences

Ph.D., Applied Mathematics — Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1992)

M.S., Mathematics — Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1988)

B.S., Mathematics — Bloomsburg University (1986)

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Scott Inch, Ph.D., CCE, is an educator, digital forensics practitioner and subject matter expert. He has taught hundreds of students, law enforcement personnel, federal agents, corporate employees and private detectives to perform digital forensics analysis. He is a lifelong educator who was recently chosen from over 200 applicants as Pennsylvania Technology Educator of the Year by TechQuest. Dr. Inch has a broad range of expertise in many areas of digital forensics, including file systems, traditional hard disk forensics, mobile devices, and Ediscovery. He actively does both civil and criminal case work, submits expert reports, and has been declared an expert witness several times for court testimony in depositions, preliminary injunctions, and arbitration hearings. Dr. Inch has worked with a variety of forensics software vendors in various capacities. He has been an instructor and developed curriculum, and has given input into the improvement and development of several forensics tools.