Jennifer Johnson


Professor of Psychology

Ph.D., McGill University

B.A., Bucknell University 

Contact Information

 “I decided to switch my major to Psychology after taking and loving Introduction to Psychology in college. I was a second semester sophomore. Because I studied abroad in France the first semester of my junior year, I only started the Psychology major in the second semester of my junior year.”

“My advice to students is rather than searching for one ‘soul mate’ career, build skills like written and oral communication, critical thinking, and working well in teams that will help you in a variety of careers.”


PSYCH 105 Psychology First-Year Seminar 
PSYCH 160 Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences 
PSYCH 281 Research Methods 
PSYCH 282 Research Applications 
PSYCH 360 Cognitive Psychology 
PSYCH 406 Psychology Seminar 
PSYCH 466 Independent Study