Andrew Walters


Andrew Walters

DMA, University of Illinois

MM, Northern Illinois University

BM, Millikin University

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Andrew Walters studied composition with Robert Chamberlain at Millikin, where he received his Bachelor of Music Education degree. He has also studied with Jan Bach, James Phelps and Robert Fleisher at Northern Illinois University. He received his DMA in composition at the University of Illinois where he worked in the EMS studios under the guidance of Scott Wyatt and James Beauchamp. His dissertation was on the use of texture in the music of Louis Andriessen. While working at the University of Illinois, his primary teachers were William Brooks, Zack Browning, Erik Lund, and Paul Zonn. Walters' music has been performed at various conferences throughout the US and Canada, including SEAMUS, SCI, ICMC, Spark, Imagine II, Electronic Music Midwest, and the Electroacoustic Juke Joint. His piece "IN-EX" won Honorable Mention at the 1998 Russolo Pratella International Electroacoustic Composition Competition and is featured on the "Music from SEAMUS, Volume Nine" compact disk. "Pushing Buttons", a piece for alto saxophone and 2-channel electroacoustic music is featured on the "Music from SEAMUS Volume Sixteen" CD and was performed at the International Computer Music Conference in New Orleans, in 2006. Dr. Walters has taught at Millikin University, Brookhaven College, and the University of Texas at Arlington.