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Commonwealth University Libraries are located our four distinct campuses: Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, Clearfield, and Mansfield. Each location serves the University's students, faculty, and staff, as well as the local communities. Each library has a unique history and provides resources to support the academic and scholarly success of the students and institution. Use the campus location menu to the left to learn more about each of the four libraries.

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Each campus has a distinct library for students to access various materials and resources. Check each Accordion menu based on your location.

The Harvey A. Andruss Library (named for the longest-serving Bloomsburg campus president, 1939-1969) opened on May 26, 1998, and provides access to 450,000 volumes of print books and government documents; more than 650,000 electronic books; 2 million microforms; 50,000 journals, magazines, and newspapers in both print and electronic format; and nearly 125 online databases.

The 100,000-square foot, technologically-designed building provides more than 900 study spaces and more than 200 computers on its four floors.  Wireless internet access is available in all areas of the building.

The Harvey A. Andruss Library building and adjacent sculpture garden

The library and its facilities are open to the general public.

Among the library's many features are:

  • A classroom with 38 computers for information literacy sessions and student work
  • Nearly 30 group study rooms for 4-12 students
  • Printing rooms on each floor
  • Personal computers and laptop loaners to access the online catalog, electronic databases, and the internet
  • Meeting room with facilities for audio-visual programs and presentations
  • Exhibit space for the University Archives and Special Collections
  • Faculty/graduate study reading room
  • Equipment for viewing the microforms in the library's collection
  • Three Tiffany and four Spence stained glass windows originally from Waller Hall (demolished 1975)
  • A porch reminiscent of Waller Hall's Long Porch
  • The jewel sitting at the head of the beautiful Academic Quad

On April 24, 1970, the $2 million dollar, newly-constructed library was dedicated and named for former State Senator George Bond Stevenson (1938-1962) who was also a 1906 graduate of the Central State Normal School, which later became Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. The George B. Stevenson Library provides an array of information services and resources to support the academic and research needs of the students, faculty and staff at the Lock Haven campus, as well as community patrons.

Available in the library are over 330,000 volumes of print books, maps, government documents, and curriculum-based educational resources for the elementary school.  In addition, the library provides more than 650,000 electronic books; more than 120,000 journals, magazines, and newspapers in both electronic and print format; and nearly 690,000 microforms, 12,000 DVD's and music CD's, and 125 online databases.

Additionally, the Stephanie A. Wollock Learning Commons is located on the second floor of the Library. This area includes Media Services which loans laptops, digital cameras with tripods, and graphic calculators.  Patrons can also have poster projects printed and laminated at Media Services.  The Betty B. Schantz Tutorial Center, the Writing Center, and the Robert and Helen Burgess Terrill University Archive are also located in the Stephanie A. Wollock Learning Commons on the second floor.

The library and its facilities are open to the general public and hours of operation can be found below.

George B. Stevenson Library at the Lock Haven Campus

Among the library's many features are:

  • 5 group study rooms for 2-8 students available on first-come, first-served basis, and equipped with white boards and Ethernet jacks; 2 privacy pods for making phone calls
  • 2 computer labs available to students, faculty, and staff use; Wireless internet access throughout the building for all patrons
  • A Children's Literature and Curriculum Library
  • The IT Helpdesk, which is located on the first floor of the library, behind the Circulation Desk
  • Equipment for viewing the microforms in the library's collection
  • Exhibit space for the University Archives
  • A 24-hour study room for students only with 8 computers, printer, 2 open group study areas with white boards, wireless internet access, restroom, water fountain, and vending and beverage machines
  • An instruction room with 30 student computers, SMART podium for the instructor, DVD player, Zoom capability, and wireless microphone

North Hall Library was originally constructed in 1878, with renovations in 1891 as the Women's Dorm on Mansfield Campus. For years, the upper floors served as the women's dormitory with the ground floor serving as a cafeteria. The building closed in 1975.

Merging three libraries into one, the first four floors of North Hall now serve as the main library for Mansfield University and numerous communities throughout the region. Reopened in September of 1996, the library provides a unique blend of Victorian-era architecture and state-of-the-art technology. Although it is a building from the past, it is truly a library of the future.

North Hall Library at the Mansfield Campus

Among the library's many features are:

  • Multiple individual and group study rooms
  • Seminar room
  • Multiple media viewing rooms
  • Screening room
  • Microfilm Room
  • Classroom
  • Traditional Reading Room
  • Computers and printers available for use throughout

Welcome to the Clearfield Campus Library. Our library provides an array of services and resources to meet the information needs of our students, faculty and staff. Our collections, resources, and services are enhanced and complimented via active exchange with the Stevenson Library located at the Lock Haven campus.

Clearfield Campus Library

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