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The LGBTQA Resource Center is committed to making Bloomsburg a safe and welcoming space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, and allied students through education, programming, advocacy, and public policy.


If you would like to volunteer in the resource center, feel free to stop by or contact the Coordinator of Sexual & Gender Diversity.

We are looking for LGBTQA related books, literature, reference materials, pamphlets, and other materials to place on the bookshelves in the office.  Having information readily available is a very salient aspect of having the office. Magazines such as "Out," "The Advocate," etc. are welcome, as well as any sort of “lighter” reading that you find appropriate for the office.

In addition it would be great to have some posters or decorations for the walls. If you have any materials, or know of anywhere that we could acquire them, please let us know.  Feel free to stop by during our allocated office hours to drop them off, or send us a quick e-mail to let us know you have them and we will gladly pick them up.

Educational Programs

The LGBTQA Resource Center operates programs to promote visibility and understanding of the LGBTQA community.

Our Speak Out! Program gives your students a chance to engage with members of the LGBTQA community. During our Speak Outs, our trained panelists will tell their personal coming out stories. After they’ve told their stories, your students will have the chance to interact with the panelists by asking questions and opening up a dialogue.

Our goal is to make these panels as interactive and educational as possible by having our panelist share their personal experiences. The best part is, we’ll come right to your classroom! No movement necessary!

LGBTQA 101 is a one hour fun and interactive training session that provides participants with an overview of LGBTQA history, terms, and current issues. Learn what it means to be a member of the LGBTQA community and begin to understand how you can support those who identify differently than you. Please use the online registration form to register for an upcoming session. (You may be required to log in.) If you are interested in hosting a session specifically for your class, department, team, organization, or group, please contact the LGBTQA Resource Center directly.

LGBTQA Ally Training is a one hour training session that provides LGBTQ 101 "graduates" with the understanding and resources to be an advocate and ally to LGBTQA students, faculty, and staff. Allies are provided with a Resource folder and a door sticker identifying them as an LGBTQA Ally. Please note, participants must complete LGBTQA 101 before attending LGBTQA Ally Training. If you are interested in hosting a session specifically for your department, team, organization, or group, please contact the LGBTQA Resource Center directly.

Trans 101 is a one hour presentation that will explore gender, sex, and sexuality. It will focus on what it means to be transgender and how to support Trans identified people. If you are interested in hosting a session specifically for your class, department, team, organization, or group, please contact the LGBTQA Resource Center directly. Participation in LGBTQA 101 and Ally training is not required before attending Trans 101.

Commonwealth University-Bloomsburg, formerly Bloomsburg University, Safe Zone logo. Paw with rainbow

The Safe Zone program, coordinated by the LGBTQA Resource Center, is designed to improve visibility and support of LGBTQA students and employees. While other minority individuals can often identify role models and mentors, the invisibility of sexual orientation makes it very difficult for LGBTQA members of the BU community to ascertain where they can safely turn for support and information. The Safe Zone program is comprised of trained faculty and staff (identifiable by the Safe Zone emblem posted on their door) who will be available to provide these resources.

The Safe Zone symbol is a message to LGBTQA students and colleagues that an employee has participated in the Safe Zone training and is committed to increasing their knowledge of and sensitivity to LGBTQA issues. The symbol allows the campus community to identify program members and know that they can speak freely with these individuals about issues, including sexual orientation and gender identity, which may affect their academic success or job satisfaction. Safe Zone members will be able to provide assistance, as needed, including referrals. Because one of the goals of the Safe Zone program is to improve the campus climate for LGBTQ individuals, the symbol also signifies that Safe Zone members have agreed to challenge homophobic and heterosexist comments or behaviors in an educational and informative manner.

Please contact the LGBTQA Resource Center for more information.

Student Resources


The BU Equality Alliance meets weekly during the academic year. If you would like to become involved, feel free to contact us or join our next open meeting. Meeting schedule will be announced when available.

Executive Officers

PresidentKas TravisShe/They
Vice-President Maya NunnaShe/They
SecretaryAbby Stoudt She/Her
TreasurerDavey FlemingsThey/Them

Equality Alliance Advisor

Craig Young (He/Him)

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Gender Inclusive Policies

Preferred Name Policy (PRP 4901)
Affirmed Gender Marker Policy (PRP 4902)

Gender Inclusive Student Housing Option

Bloomsburg offers gender inclusive housing on Northumberland Hall’s second floor and all upper campus apartments. This housing option enables transgender students to request a roommate of their choice regardless of gender identification, with restrooms designated either women-only or gender-neutral.

Housing preference forms provide students the ability to choose this option through the existing room selection process. Students who do not actively select this option will be consulted before being placed in these areas. Gender neutral housing offers an inclusive housing option for students who still desire a traditional residence hall experience. Residence Life staff implemented this option understanding the needs of gender identity in our campus community. Ongoing support is provided through both Residence Life and the LGBTQA Resource Center.

Gender Inclusive and Single Occupancy Restrooms

Gender inclusive and single occupancy restrooms are available in the following buildings:

  • Alumni House
  • Andruss Library
  • Arts and Administration Building
  • Bakeless Center for the Humanities
  • Carver Hall
  • Elwell Residence Hall
  • Haas Center for the Arts
  • Hartline Science Center
  • Kehr Union Building
  • Lycoming Residence Hall
  • Northumberland Residence Hall
  • Redman Stadium Pressbox
  • Schuylkill Residence Hall
  • Scranton Commons
  • Soltz Residence Hall
  • Waller Administration Building
  • Warren Student Services Center

The Commission for Gender and Sexuality administers two endowed scholarship funds to provide financial support to students in the LGBTQA Community. To apply, please visit the Scholarships webpage.

LGBTQA Education Fund

The LGBTQA Education Fund was endowed with proceeds from our annual fundraising reception and generous donations from faculty, staff, and community members. Current BU students with financial need and at least 24 credits remaining until graduation are eligible to apply for the LGBTQA Scholarship. Students must participate in LGBTQA programs, clubs, or conferences and submit an essay detailing how receiving this scholarship will assist their education at Bloomsburg University.

Past Award Recipients

2017 - DreLand Goar, Brittany Krisanda, Gina Rodriguez
2016 - Jacob Kelley, Emily Moscaritolo
2015 - Karli Jayne Miller
2014 - Naasik Fuller
2013 - Megan Paul
2012 - Aud Traher
2011 - Anndei Varun
2010 - Ashley M. Ryman
2009 - Andrew Stout, Elena Brobyn-Navarro

Payne-Lyons Scholarship

The Payne-Lyons Scholarship was endowed by generous donation by Bloomsburg Alumni.

What is Lavender Graduation?

The ceremony celebrates the many accomplishments of LGBTQ students and Allies at Bloomsburg. The Commission for Gender and Sexuality and LGBTQA Resource Center want to take this opportunity to honor our graduates and to thank them for all that they do for the LGBTQ community and the university as a whole. It is also a time for the graduates to thank individuals for their support during the graduates’ time at Bloomsburg.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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