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Intramural sports enhance your fitness, personal skills, and enjoyment by providing opportunities for cooperative and competitive play.

Intramurals also offer opportunities for leadership, management, program planning, and interpersonal skills as they relate to intramurals and recreational programs. At Commonwealth University, intramurals include a comprehensive assortment of sports for men and women, as well as coed competition.

Each semester the Intramural Department offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports, regardless of ability. Participation in intramural sports is free.

Intramural Sports Opportunities

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  • 3-on-3 Basketball (Men's)
  • 3-on-3 Basketball (Women's)
  • Basketball (Men's)
  • Basketball (Women's)
  • Bucketball (Open)
  • Cornhole (Open)
  • Flag Football (Open)
  • Indoor Soccer (Coed)
  • Kan Jam (Open)
  • Pickleball (Open)
  • Ping Pong (Open)
  • Ramp Shot (Open)
  • Sand Volleyball (Coed)
  • Soccer (Coed)
  • Soccer (Men's)
  • Soccer (Women's)
  • Soccer Tennis (Open)
  • Softball (Coed)
  • Spike Ball (Open)
  • Volleyball (Coed)
  • Men's Basketball
  • Women's Basketball
  • Co-ed Soccer
  • Co-ed Volleyball
  • Co-ed Dodgeball
  • Women's Soccer
  • Men's Flag Football
  • Women's Flag Football
  • Tennis
  • Racquetball
  • Women's Field Hockey
  • Bowling
  • 5v5 Basketball
  • Cornhole
  • Volleyball

Jobs in Intramural Sports

Looking for a fun, active, and exciting work environment? Join the intramural sports team! The intramural sports program hires students to officiate, supervise, and score keep. Applications are located in the IM office.

About Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports is a program designed to offer opportunities for participation in a wide variety of activities at the collegiate level. Many students have played sports at the high school or recreational level, and IM Sports offers the opportunity to stay active in sports without the time commitments or skill level of the varsity player. We offer various different leagues and tournament throughout the academic year.

Any CU student (undergrad, graduate), faculty, and staff.

Games are played Monday - Thursday between 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM. Teams choose which league they want to participate in Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, based off their availability during registration.

Varsity letter winners are not eligible for the sport in which he or she lettered until the following fall semester after their last season they were on a varsity roster. Limits are place on the number of previous varsity athletes that can participate on a team to preserve the integrity of our Intramural Leagues. 

Limits are placed on Club Sport participants to preserve the integrity of our Intramural leagues. Check individual sport rules for limitations

The Intramural Program is FREE to all students.

Forfeits: A deposit of up to $20.00 will be assessed to the team captain prior to participation. Additional fees may be assessed. All deposits will be returned if team or individual do not forfeit during league play.

Registering a team or as Individual. Assumption-of-risk form must be signed by all participants. All Registration is done online through IMLeagues. Encourage other students to participant so that there is sufficient competition in each sport.

Participants can register as individuals "FREE AGENT" or with a team. The Intramural Department will do their best to try and place every individual onto a team. If there are enough individuals registered, a team will be comprised of all the individual registrants. If there are not enough individual registrants to make a team, the Intramural Department will place individuals onto teams, after receiving permission from the team captain.

Championship t-shirts are awarded to all Intramural Champions. Captains will receive t-shirts for the amount of players on the field/court, plus half.

Participants and team captains are responsible for obtaining schedules and all information contained therein. Schedules will be posted on their IMLeagues account.

If you know that your team will not be able to make the game, the Captain must call 507-389-4885 by 4:00 PM the day of the game. We will charge you a loss but not a forfeit fee. Only the team captain may utilize this option.

The location of games should be noted on your schedule. Most indoor sports are held in the Student Recreation Center. Outdoor sports will be held on Upper Campus on the Recreation Fields along with the possibilities of Redman Stadium and the Sports Stadium.

Game cancellations emailed and texted (if enabled in their IMLeagues profile) through IMLeagues to the participants.

Rules for all sports are posted on IMLeagues under the “Handbook & Manuals” tab.

Contact the Intramural Office at 570-389-4885.

You can also contact the Intramural Director by phone 570-389-5289 or via email

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Commonwealth University's intramural sports uses IMLeagues for registration, scheduling and all team management. Please visit our IMLeagues website for handbooks, FAQs, discussion boards and contact information.

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