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Mansfield Fraternity & Sorority Life

You have many options to become involved in campus life at Mansfield. Joining one of the largest campus community groups - fraternity and sorority life - is one of them.

  • All of our chapters promote leadership educations, value service to the local community, academic excellence and philanthropy. Regardless of the fraternity or sorority, membership in an organization will enhance your college experience.
  • Becoming a member of Greek organization can be an avenue to creating and fostering those relationships. For many members, these chapters become a home away from home.

Greek Life at Mansfield


  • Alpha Sigma Alpha
  • Alpha Sigma Tau
  • Delta Zeta
  • Zeta Tau Alpha


  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon

How to Join

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a student at CU-Mansfield
  • Eligible potential new members MUST complete and submit a Grade Release Authorization Form to the Fraternity & Sorority Life Advisor.
  • Meet the University minimum requirements:
    • Earned a minimum of 12 credits to be eligible to join a fraternity or sorority
    • Earned at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA
    • You must be extended a bid (an invitation to join) from a social fraternity or sorority

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FSL Resources

National Panhellenic Conference


The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) was established in 1902 to assist collegiate and alumnae chapters of the NPC member organizations in cooperating with colleges and universities and to foster interfraternal relationships.


The National Panhellenic Conference is the premier advocacy and support organization for the advancement of the sorority experience.


National Panhellenic Conference – Advancing the Sorority Experience Together.


We are committed to relationships built on trust through transparency, accountability and mutual respect. Innovation and our core values of friendship, leadership, service, knowledge, integrity and community guide us in fulfilling our mission.

For more information about the National Panhellenic Conference visit:

Sororities at Mansfield

Each of our recognized sororities at Mansfield are members of the National Panhellenic Conference which provides campus support to each chapter. However, each national organization is unique. It’s important to learn which organization aligns with your personal values and goals. To learn more about each one, visit the national website to learn more. 

North American Interfraternity Conference


An IFC exists where there are two or more NIC member (or non-member) fraternities on a campus. The Council’s purpose is to advance fraternity on campus and provide interfraternal leadership to the entire community. The NIC provides direct support, resources and services to IFC officers, representatives, advisors and alumni to further the health and success of local fraternity communities.


  • Fraternities must provide leadership to shape our future, and IFC and fraternity leaders on your campus are the force that can drive that positively change on campus. The NIC is here to support your efforts in your fraternity community.
  • The NIC’s Campus Support Model assists councils by providing increased training and resources. This support focuses on the individual development and skills of officers, as well as providing coaching to advance the role of the IFC as the campus governing body that advocates and provides educational opportunities for the fraternity experience.
  • When your IFC pays its annual NIC dues (due Sept. 1), officers will gain access to specialized resources. Elevate support for your fraternity/sorority community by selecting an even greater level of Campus Support.

For more information about the North American Interfraternity Conference visit:

Fraternities at Mansfield

Our recognized fraternities are members of the North American Interfraternity Conference which provides additional support to each organization at the campus level. However, each national organization is unique. It’s important to learn which organization aligns with your personal values and goals. To learn more about each one, visit the national website to learn more.

Policies and Procedures Student Code of Conduct

There are policies in place to protect the rights and safety of all of our students. As student’s of Commonwealth University, active members of organization and citizens of the local, state and federal community, it is the responsibility of every student to know and understand all university policies.

The most damaging instrument to student groups and organizations (social, honor, service, athletic, fraternity, sorority, music) is hazing. This counterproductive and hazardous act has no rightful place in any student group or organization. 

Hazing at Commonwealth University is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Hazing risks human lives, brutalizes everyone involved, and jeopardizes the very existence of student groups and organizations on the Commonwealth University campus. 

To learn more about the Commonwealth University policies pertaining to hazing visit our Hazing Policy.

Our alumni are continuously supportive of our chapters and active members. Through donations or mentorship, your support can assist with growth and development of the chapters, it’s members and our campus community.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the Mansfield Alumni Office by emailing or calling 570-662-4393.

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