Supporting Students in Their 'Thirst' for Success


By Andrea O'Neill '06

As a Board of Governors scholarship recipient and member of the Husky Ambassadors, Gerald Douglas ‘18 had multiple opportunities to volunteer within the campus community. He developed the leadership style that has made him successful in his role as Regional Sales Manager for PepsiCo. Now, not only does he frequently return to campus to recruit fellow Huskies to the company. But he also spends substantial time volunteering as a support for current students.

"All those leadership experiences molded me to seek opportunities that impact others,” explained

Gerald Douglas '18 (far left)  stand with a group of students and coworkers at the annual Breast Cancer Walk on campus this past fall.
Gerald Douglas '18 (far left)  stand with a group of students and coworkers at the annual Breast Cancer Walk on campus this fall.

 Douglas. “I'm grateful for all the opportunities to get involved on campus. That cadence I set at Bloom carried on to my career.”

As an alumni volunteer, Douglas frequently serves as a panelist, speaker, resume reviewer, and mock interviewer for students during the annual Career Intensive Boot Camp and ZIPD Conference. In these roles, Gerald believes that his most valuable asset lies in his ability to connect with students and assist them in their next step, regardless of whether he’s lucky enough to recruit them to PepsiCo.

"I can put myself in the student's shoes, wondering what life will look like after school. “Being a support system and providing a pathway always makes me smile."

Still, Douglas is always looking to hire fellow Huskies for his company, especially as he leads PepsiCo’s DEI efforts and supports the company’s partnership with Bloomsburg to raise the bar on both talent and diversity recruitment - yet another way in which Douglas’ skill set was fine-tuned on campus as a work-study student in the Diversity and Retention office where he supported diversity & inclusion, financial literacy, and professional workshops for fellow students.


Gerald Douglas '18 as a recruiter for PepsiCo

"There's initiative and a hunger that Bloom grads have that sets them apart,” said Douglas. “The rigorous curriculum mentally puts people in the right place, allowing them to navigate the business world. When I think about PepsiCo, it's always changing, fast-paced, and requires problem solvers who are comfortable with being uncomfortable. Those traits mirror what it's like to be a Husky.”

And if he's lucky enough to bring another Bloom graduate to PepsiCo? He continues the mentoring relationship with new hires that he fostered when they were students.

"At PepsiCo, I'm in a privileged position to mentor talent and be a support system for others,” explained Douglas. “My favorite part of my job is seeing other people succeed and inspire them to be better than they were yesterday."



If you are interested in volunteering to support current students in their professional transition, let us know by filling out this short survey.