Student Success Faculty and Staff Highlight Scholarly Projects



Members of the division of Student Success and Campus Life from Mansfield and Bloomsburg campuses presented data from empirical research projects during presentations at the College Reading & Learning Association annual conference, held from Nov. 8 to 11, in Baltimore, Maryland. 
A team of four researchers from Mansfield, Chris Cummings, Nicholas Delaney, KaDee Jay, and Melinda Phillips, presented data from a qualitative study titled With Change Comes Loss: Lessons from College Student Pandemic Experiences. Their research highlighted findings from efforts to listen to, validate the stories of, and learn from students who shared experiences at the intersection of learning and mental health during the unprecedented, mandated lockdown phase of the pandemic. 

From the Bloomsburg campus, Karen Hamman and Rachel Shaffer presented about the Pathways to Success, our one-credit course supporting reinstated students. They shared quantitative data from all cohorts, longitudinal data regarding graduation and success rates from the earliest cohorts, and some qualitative data from student interviews. They also discussed the content of the class and sample activities. 
Both sessions were well attended and received positive feedback from attendees.