New Coaching Software is a Game Changer



By Jaclyn Price

Brenden Argomaniz, CU-Bloomsburg MBA student and assistant baseball coach is working to revolutionize coaching through a software app.  

With a friend, Argomaniz created dataBase Analytics, an app that calculates players’ statistics and stores them away to be referenced later, covering everything from pitching stats to full-career development. 

A Los Angeles native, Argomaniz collaborated with friend Drew Beno to create the app. Both met at the University of Richmond, where Argomaniz was on the Division I Baseball team. Argomaniz was drawn to CU-Bloomsburg because earlier graduates from the University of Richmond had gone to coach at Bloom.

Wanting to stay in the game, he connected to Bloomsburg through alumni and is now focused on how technology is influencing the sports industry. 

“Data analytics is very important in baseball right now,” says head coach Michael Collins. “It would set a person apart from others when they have an MBA in analytics.”

The difference between being an undergraduate athlete versus a graduate coach was a change for Argomaniz. “Both are very busy. In grad school you have a lot more responsibility. As an undergrad you have a set schedule that is made for you. Being a coach means you make the schedule.”

With the large amount of homework in the MBA program, Argomaniz found he was pressed for time.

“It would take up a lot of time to sift through papers on players’ statistics,” says Argomaniz. “I wanted to create a time-efficient way of filing a player's stats and storing them in a cloud to be used for future reference."

Since starting to use the app this fall, both Argomaniz and coach Collins have saved time and paper. “We want to be as efficient as possible,” says Collins. “We now have a unique player development tool that gives us important performance indicators such as strike percentages and swing rates in real time. Everything is stored automatically in the cloud at the moment it is logged in the dataBase application."

“In every sector, every business, tech is huge right now,” says Collins. “We’re trying to adapt to that. The future is very bright for Brenden. He has the skill and is getting the degree that will make him stand out in the field.”

Argomaniz would like to stay in the sports industry after completing his MBA. “My program is available to anyone in the sport and gives them the tools that they need at a much more affordable cost than many of the major league programs out there.”