Moving Metal and Breaking Records



By Eric Foster

Freshman Logan Haddix knows how to make things move. Heavy things.

The 19-year-old nursing major competed in his first powerlifting event this March in Pittsburgh and set a record for his age and weight class. 

Powerlifting has three lifts, and each competitor has three tries on each lift. The lifts are the barbell squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. Haddix moved a lot of weight. His squat was 430 pounds and deadlift 501 pounds. And his bench press was 363 pounds, a state record for his age and weight group. 

Haddix began his powerlifting journey in the fall after recovering from an ACL injury to his knee while playing high school football. Because of the injury, his squat lifts were 95 pounds in October of 2022. 

“There are misconceptions about powerlifting,” says his coach Keith Lowery, who graduated with a master’s degree in exercise science in May. “It’s very strategic, you have to think your way through the lifts and know the technique.” 

“The win was a huge confidence booster,” says Haddix, who trains six days a week. “It’s a sport, you have to prepare your body. You need cardio, you to be conditioned. And you need to use your mind. You have to be strong and coordinated.”