Mansfield students and organizations honored at 3rd annual Student Leadership Awards Recognition Ceremony



MANSFIELD, Pa. – Commonwealth University – Mansfield held its 3rd annual Student Leadership Awards Recognition Ceremony on April 27 in North Manser Hall.

Students and student organizations were celebrated for their abilities to lead by example and to inspire others to make a difference, to do good works, and to be a catalyst for inspirational change. 

The Awards Ceremony was a product of the Office of Student Life and Living, the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, and the Student Leadership Awards Selection Committee. 

Anyone in the campus community could nominate a deserving student or organization for the 12 available awards. 

Awards and recipients:

The Rotaract Club

Community Impact Award: The Rotaract Club

This award recognizes the effort of an individual student or student group in the development of an ongoing or one-time community service project or program that benefits the University or the local community.

The Rotaract Club organized and were involved with several projects this year including: Purple Pinkies for Polio fundraiser, Community Trunk or Treat, Kindness Day Fundraiser for Meals on Wheels, Valentine’s Day cards for Partners in Progress, and the Pulsera Project. The club held multiple Rock painting events with other campus organizations to spread kindness. They wrote handwritten letters to all women employees on campus for International Women’s Day and to veterans for Veteran’s Day.

Emerging Leader Award: Emma Richman

This award recognizes a first- or second-year student who has contributed significantly to the Mansfield community through their involvement in a campus organization, athletic team, residence hall, or a community service program. The nominee must also show significant potential for continued leadership and civic engagement.  

Richman has been a very involved first-year student in ASA, Panhellenic Council, and the Music Department. She serves as Treasurer for ASA and also has the most community service hours of all the members. Richman is a dedicated member of Greek life and is excited to continue to grow the welcoming Greek community on campus. In the music department, she has stepped up to run small rehearsals when needed for choir. She was also a very supportive member of the Phantom of the Opera cast.

Kristen Fulford & Lauren Griffith

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Award: Kristen Fulford & Lauren Griffith

This award recognizes an individual student or student group for their demonstrated commitment to issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice at Mansfield and in the local community.  

Fulford and Griffith were both awarded and completed competitive, national summer research internships that provided them with programming regarding DEI in STEM. From their experiences, they developed a workshop entitled “Exposure to Research and Career Development Opportunities Increases Interaction and Retention of Underrepresented Students” for PASSHE’s state-wide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Summit in November. It was the only student-led workshop to be accepted. The goal of the workshop was to create a program that prepares and supports underrepresented students wanting to go into STEM fields.

Lauren Griffith

Innovation Award: Lauren Griffith 

This award recognizes an individual student or student group that has displayed innovation and/or fostered creativity through their program/events, in relation to recruitment, marketing, outreach to campus community, use of resources, officer training, event planning, and/or sustainability.  

Griffith has used TikTok and YouTube to showcase her research and day-to-day life as a student at Mansfield to provide valuable insights to prospective students and to generate school spirit. Using these social media platforms in an innovative way, she created engagement with the campus community and showcased the university to a wider audience. Lauren’s work has inspired other students to explore their creativity and develop innovative ideas. Her success is a model for others to emulate, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity within the school community. 

Outstanding Collaboration Award: Social Work Club & Phi Alpha Honor Society

This award recognizes student group(s) that have best demonstrated their collaborative efforts in planning and executing a program and/or event with another student group, campus office, or with faculty/staff. 

The Social Work Club and Phi Alpha Honor Society have partnered to adopt the Northern Tioga School District after-school program at R. B. Walter. Members of both clubs have prepared activities, provided tutoring services, and spent time with the elementary on a voluntary basis since January. Phi Alpha also assisted the Social Work Club in continuing the tradition of raising awareness across campus on food insecurity issues. Members have volunteered at the Campus Cupboard to organize and accept donations to make sure that enough products were available to meet the basic food and hygiene needs of Mansfield students.

Mansfield Student Government Association (SGA)

Program of the Year Award: SGA for Party with Marty

This award recognizes innovative and outstanding achievement in the planning and presentation of a program or event by an individual student or student group. 

The Party with Marty event brought in more than 200 students into The HUT to meet Dr. Marty Wygmans to give students an opportunity to talk with an administrator to share their campus experience. Students had a great time creating stuffed bears, using the oxygen bar, listening to the live band, and entering the raffle to win VIP tickets for Spring Fling. The band was loved by the students who were dancing late into the night and taking photos with band members. 

Ally Fisher

Student Leader of the Year Award: Ally Fisher

This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated excellence in academic growth and achievement, as well as excellence in campus and community engagement and has contributed to the campus community through their leadership and participation in campus programs, organizations, and activities. 

Fisher serves as Mansfield Student Government President and is also an active sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha where she previously served as chapter president and continues to work hard to better the chapter. She is a well-rounded student who makes a point to be dedicated to everything she is involved in, and many organizations have benefitted from her efforts over the years. Her presence in the community is apparent as she helps develop new opportunities for students and community members. 

Mentorship – Academic: Madison Morrett

This award recognizes an outstanding student mentor who showcases leadership both in and/or out of the classroom. This student helps guide and support peers by meeting with students to clarify and review concepts taught in the classroom; plays an active role in acclimating students to campus or courses; or acting as a positive, trusted role model to their peers.  

This year, the committee decided to award the Mentorship Award to two students. One with an Academic focus to their mentorship and another with a Student Life focus.

Morrett is recognized by her classmates in the nursing program as an amazing mentor, not just for her class, but also the class below her. She puts in countless hours when it comes to creating study materials, answering questions, and supporting students through the weeks leading up to exams. She also organizes study groups and powerpoints that are inclusive of all nursing students. 

Mentorship – Student Life: Morgan Joner

Joner is a Resident Assistant in Oak Hall as well as an Admissions Ambassador. In her role as an RA, she often checks in with students to see how they are doing socially, academically, and emotionally and creates spaces for students to share things that bring them joy. Because of her welcoming presence, Joner has been a trusted outlet for students to come to her to report concerns without judgement. In her work as an Ambassador, she makes sure prospective students see campus through the positive lens that she does. 

Future Healthcare Professionals

Student Organization of the Year Award: Future Healthcare Professionals

This award recognizes the consistent, positive impact on the campus community by a recognized student organization including the noteworthy achievements during the year by the student organization. This organization will have made a positive contribution to campus life.  

FHP has worked hard to better campus as well as the local community. The group has hosted career development workshops and worked with Admissions to have biomedical-related graduate programs come to campus and talk with interested students. In the community, FHP started a “Bio on Wheels” program, which brings hands-on science experiments to underserved K-12 schools. Last semester, the group taught children in the Elmira City School district how to isolate DNA from strawberries. The group also held a Coaches vs Cancer/Suits and Sneakers event during a MU home basketball game.

Kade Showers

The Creed Award: Kade Showers

This award recognizes an individual student or student group who most widely represents leadership and Mansfield’s four core values of Character, Scholarship, Culture, and Service.  

Showers displayed his character through achieving Dean’s list despite missing five weeks of courses due to his military service. He showcased the attributes of a scholar through his academic success and devoted research towards carcinogens and the effect capsaicin has upon pancreatic tumor strains; research he has presented at university conferences.  Showers demonstrated the ideology of culture through his military involvement, serving as a combat medic within the United States Army.  His service to the university and the surrounding community through his outreach to local schools, attendance of various cancer awareness programs, serving as President of the MU Veteran’s Association, organizing military events on campus, and more.

Marvens Ravix

Unsung Hero Award: Marvens Ravix

This award recognizes a student who works behind-the-scenes of a student group or the local community. This award is given to a student who consistently gives their all, going above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis without expectation of recognition.

Ravix has committed to giving back to the community through various volunteer activities. He played a crucial role during the Admissions Open House and Accepted Student Day events, ensuring that visiting students and their families had an enjoyable and informative experience. Ravix has actively participated in STEM outreach programs, helping bring science education to underserved communities. He is recognized as a very active member of Future Healthcare Professionals and is known to be a person you can go to with help on anything. His dedication to sharing knowledge and fostering a love for learning in others is truly commendable.