Making Huskies Part of the [Recruiting] Plan


By Andrea O'Neill '06 and Madeliene Mamourian '24

Eileen Peters first came to G-Squared Partners about six years ago as director of administration and human capital. The small but growing company needed a formal recruiting plan. Since then, Peters has worked with the Bloom alums already on staff to put a plan in place that has included its share of Huskies. 

A group of G-Squared Partner recruiters speak with students at a recent career expo.

“We already had one Bloomsburg graduate,” explained Peters. “I asked him what we can do at his school.”

Peters and her team began attending events on campus. They found that mid-sized schools like Bloomsburg were often a better fit for their recruiting goals because students determined to work for high-profile companies tended to overlook small companies like G-Squared - even if a large organization was not a good fit.

“We found we can make a bigger splash,” explained Peters. “I started at a big firm, so I won’t tell you it isn’t a place to go…but I can let [students] know there are other opportunities in the accounting industry like ours that are great places to work.”

The award-winning financing firm handles a variety of projects and clients that often translate into a vast array of learning experiences within the general business model.

“We work with many different companies…and we make a difference in helping them grow,” explained Peters. “Our hires are exposed to different things that will go a long way for their career. We are not just bringing in accountants but also want business people learning business.”

Not only will new professionals have a chance to explore their niche in the industry, but because G-Squared is focused on growing from within, each hire has the opportunity to advance one’s career in a place where the core values of “work hard, work smart, and work together” is ever-present. Peters says that Huskies are a particularly good fit into the culture because of their diverse background experiences and intellectual curiosity.

“First-generation college [students] are very motivated and proud and usually had to work hard to get where they are,” explained Peters. “The Bloom kids get that [and] are trying to build a new career for themselves.” [They] have an intellectual curiosity and can see how a well-rounded business experience can take them far.”

Peters said the company has great camaraderie and team culture, with an eye toward mentorship to help the newest hires grow their professional skills. In fact, it is not unusual to see a new associate reviewing a plan with a high-level administrator. This type of close-knit culture, Peters says, is mainly responsible for why people stay so long with G-Squared.

“You won’t work a day in your life if you love what you do [and] enjoy the people you’re doing it with,” explained Peters. “That makes all the difference.”

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