Lock Haven Social Work Club Hosts Easter Party for Salvation Army After School Program

Lock Haven


Dr. Steven Granich and Tulare Park, co-advisers of the Social Work Club at Commonwealth University-Lock Haven, along with five student members of the club recently conducted an Easter party for 15 children at the Salvation Army in Lock Haven.

Two graduates of the Lock Haven social work program oversee the after-school children's program at the Salvation Army. The club members provided several activities for the children, including hiding candy-filled eggs in the building for the children to find. Each child found several eggs and did a great job sharing with each other to be sure everyone had some.

Next, the children participated in several arts-based Easter activities, including coloring eggs, creating Easter egg glitter drawings, and coloring paper Easter eggs. "The children had a great deal of fun with these activities and created some fantastic art," Park said.

Easter Party2

The final activity was an outdoor sidewalk chalk extravaganza, where the children enthusiastically chalked the walk with drawings in front of the Salvation Army headquarters on Church Street.

After the conclusion of the party, the children played outside and then ate dinner together. The Salvation Army after-school program provides a daily meal for the children participating.


Easter Party3The club partners with the Salvation Army twice a year to host holiday-themed events for the after-school program.

"The Social Work Club members enjoyed spending time at the after-school program and bringing smiles to the faces of the children through the creative arts," Park said.