Keeping the (Credit) Score: Alum Brings Students up to Speed on Financial Literacy



By Andrea O'Neill '06

Commonwealth University's Career Intensive Boot Camp (CIBC) is more than just a program; it's a platform where alumni like Jennifer Daddario '89, Regional Vice President of Service 1st
Federal Credit Union, find a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on student professional success.

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Not only is volunteerism one of Daddario’s personal values, but it is also a core value of Service 1st. Add to that her passion for financial literacy and fraud awareness, and it was an easy choice to help students at CIBC make informed decisions that set them on a trajectory for a successful future.

“At Service 1st, everyone is encouraged to find a passion and get out there and make a difference.  I’ve always had volunteering in my DNA and Bloom is a school that I love so it was easy."

For Jennifer, volunteering at CIBC was more than an opportunity to incorporate Service 1st’s company values into her career; but has also unveiled the transformative potential of engaging with Commonwealth students from all three locations. She was particularly impressed with the students' enthusiasm and interest in topics often overlooked but crucial for their future success. Addressing issues like credit scores and financial literacy, Jennifer noticed a knowledge gap and recognized the potential for significant impact. The students' engagement, thoughtful questions, and subsequent outreach demonstrated a hunger for knowledge

“A lot of students don’t understand or know their credit score but everything comes back to that to get a great first start,” said Daddario. “Students were very interested and asked really good questions. If it will help them make good decisions, I consider it a successful day."

Jennifer emphasizes that programs like the Career Intensive Boot Camp set Commonwealth University apart by providing practical knowledge and connecting alumni with students – ensuring that its graduates carry not just a degree but a set of professional skills that will make a difference in their lives. She encourages fellow alumni to help build a network that can support and guide students through their transition to the professional world by simply sharing their experiences at events like the Career Intensive Boot Camp - a network where alumni continue to support and guide students in their transition into the professional world.

“Bloom provided for me the foundation and stepping stones to become what I am today, said Daddario. “To connect and be back on campus was really exciting for me. Just to be tied to it again in this unique way years later was a great opportunity and I would love to plug in in other ways.”


If you are interested in volunteering to help students prepare for the professional world, let us know!