Inspiration to Join Force Comes From Close to Home



As a child growing up in Tioga County, Raymi Gausline, a member of the Mansfield Campus Police Department, didn’t have to look far for a role model in the law enforcement field. Her dad, Raymond, was the Chief of Police in Elkland Borough. It was him that motivated her to follow in his footsteps as an officer.

“My family always knew that I would end up in law enforcement, they just didn’t know in what capacity,” said Gausline, an officer on the MU force since 2004. “They are very proud of all that I have accomplished in my time on the force at Mansfield.”

While police work has been viewed as a male-dominated field, Gausline is working hard to break down those stereotypes.

“Some individuals still look at the profession as a “men’s” profession,” says Gausline. “I’ve been very lucky with being an officer at Mansfield University. Personally, I still feel, as a woman, I have to prove, that I can do the job.”

Doing good police work takes effort and Gausline leans on some guidance she learned from her dad to help her each day.

“I just try to remember what I was taught by my father growing up — stay calm,” says Gausline. “Also, remember the skills I’m trained in and know that communication is usually always key. Communicate what you expect but also, give people a chance to feel heard, as well.”  

As for what’s the most rewarding part of the job, Gausline answered quickly.

“Helping others. If I can help turn someone’s tough time into something positive, even if the consequences of their actions are still tough, then I think it’s a rewarding day. We see people at their absolute worst, why make it even worse for them? A lot of times people just want to be heard, respected, and given a little hope.” 

As for the future of women in law enforcement, Gausline likes what she has seen be done recently.

“I feel like over the years law enforcement has already done a lot to be more inviting to women. Getting rid of the stigma that women aren’t strong enough or emotionally able to do the job was probably the biggest obstacle. I think women just need to prepare themselves. Stop worrying about naysayers, they are in every profession. The only person “I” have to prove anything to is “myself.” As long as, women think like that, they don’t need the profession to change to invite them.”