Hiring Huskies for "Extraordinary Outcomes"


By Andrea O'Neill '06

Since 2011, Susan Yohn, Director of Human Resources at Brown Schultz Sheridan and Fritz has been responsible for the partnership between the firm and the Accounting program at Commonwealth University-Bloomsburg. In her experience, it is not a surprise that Bloom students continue to stick out from the rest of the pack, especially when it comes to certain accounting specialties.

"Every time I've gone to Bloom, the students are eager, prepared, ask good questions, and are very professional," observed Employment Specialist Stephanie Nicholson. "Communication with clients and internal team members is key, and we look for that skill in new hires." 

Where Bloom students especially stand out, however, is in the niche field of fraud examination.

"You go to other schools, and they have accounting majors, and that's good, that's what we want," explained Yohn. "But to have a specialty in fraud, we know those students know what they want to do and are determined and prepared. Whenever we go to Bloom, I see many of those concentrations."

Bloom students have good reason to explore the firm. Brown Schultz Sheridan and Fritz has been named Best Accounting Firm to Work For twelve times by Accounting Today and the number one medium-sized company to work for in Pennsylvania for the last three years. Much of that comes from the firm's focus on community impact and its flexibility with the needs of employees. The firm focuses on helping people achieve "extraordinary outcomes" through flexible work arrangements, transitions between full and part-time employment, summer hours, team building and community events, social networking groups, and professional development/leadership programs.

"We serve with everything we do," explained Nicholson. "It's not only about service to clients but to the community and each other. Every decision is made in terms of how it will affect our clients and community, and that is something I appreciate."

Even though they are typically on campus to recruit Huskies, Yohn wants students to know that her team is also there to provide guidance, even if it means they may not choose their firm. She stresses the importance of attending career events even as first-year students, talking to professionals in the field, and keeping internships in their summer plans.

"It is a huge life decision, and we want to be an advocate for the students," explained Yohn. "There are so many areas to take advantage of, so students shouldn't be afraid to ask. Specialties may change throughout their career and it's okay not to know. We can help with that."

**If you are interested in hiring a Husky, please email recruit@commonwealthu.edu