Henning Speaks for 32nd Annual Health Sciences Symposium



Dr. Kelly J. Henning, an epidemiologist, medical doctor, and public health program lead at Bloomberg Philanthropies, was the principal speaker at Commonwealth University-Bloomsburg’s 32th Annual Health Sciences Symposium in April. 

Henning's keynote address, "What's Killing Us: How Do We Know and How Do We Respond?" focused on the astonishing lack of information globally on the reasons people die — among the estimated 60 million deaths around the world in 2023, less than half have a recorded cause of death. This leads to a major disconnect between what people die from and how prevention, treatment, and resources are allocated.

Henning reviewed the opportunities for improvement and discussed major national and local successes and the resulting improvements in health that resulted from improvements in the collection, analysis, and translation of health data into action.

Henning has led Bloomberg Philanthropies’ public health program since it began in 2007. She was the first person to serve as director of epidemiology for the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

The events were sponsored by Commonwealth University's College of Health Professions, College of Science and Technology, and the Community Giving Foundation.

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