By By Andrea O'Neill '06 (BL)

As a communication studies major, Nicole (Donlick) Brodt ’18 can empathize with the anxiety that many current students may be feeling about leaving Bloomsburg without a clear career path. She too felt this way, until her dad encouraged her to attend the Career Intensive Boot Camp (CIBC). This experience, along with her connections and newfound confidence, led her to secure an internship and, later, her first professional position.

“I felt very anxious. I remember not feeling ready. My dad said the networking experience could help me find a job within my major. After a week or two of looking, I found the perfect internship. The boot camp gave me the extra push I needed.”   

Now a human resources generalist for Techo-Bloc, Brodt recently returned to campus and the CIBC, this time as a volunteer. She conducted mock interviews and resume reviews for students considering a career in HR. Again, it was her dad who encouraged her to volunteer, not only because of a family tradition of giving back but because David Donlick now serves as the alumni director at Commonwealth University-Mansfield and has recently become part of the team that plans and coordinates the CIBC across all three of Commonwealth University campuses.

“My parents are alumni of Mansfield University; their engagement with the alumni association has always intrigued me to do the same with Bloomsburg,” said Brodt. “When I was a student, my dad always pushed me to network and meet new people, and it’s cool to see him connect Bloom, Mansfield, and Lock Haven alumni.” 

Through her volunteer work, Brodt not only helped students but also expanded her own professional network and gained valuable insights. These interactions mirrored the ones she observed her parents having with fellow Mansfield alums, further emphasizing the power of networking.

“Volunteering allows us to help students but also build our interview skills and interact with the younger professionals coming into the workforce. The alumni interacted at the Boot Camp as if we all went to the same school. The integration didn’t affect us as students, but we all are familiar with each other.”

Brodt says that the students she met had the same curiosity she and her fellow “campers” had in 2017, and she was happy to see that they were also willing to consider all different career fields.

“It was nice to network with them and see what their interests were,” recalled Brodt, who passed along the encouragement to seize opportunities.

“Don’t second guess yourself; always take the opportunity.” Said Brodt. “Sometimes it might not seem right, but then it turns out completely different than you expect. You will always learn something.”

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