Education Professor Finishes Book on Play and Social Justice



Dr. Michael Patte, professor of Early Childhood Education at Commonwealth University-Bloomsburg, along with colleagues Drs. Olga Jarrett, Vera Stenhouse, and John Sutterby have finished a new book on the relationship between play and social justice. “Play and Social Justice: Equity, Advocacy, and Opportunity” will be available at the end of April.

The book evaluates how opportunities for and quality of play facilities in schools, after-school programs, childcare centers, community parks, and museums differ by race, socio-economic status, and ability, as well as how we can create more equitable play through research and advocacy.

“Play and Social Justice: Equity, Advocacy, and Opportunity” is published as a part of Counterpoints, a collection of books committed to the idea that theoretical literature should be available to everyone.