CU-Lock Haven Criminal Justice Club Explores Allenwood Federal Correctional Complex

Lock Haven


By Ashton Peters
In a unique educational outing, students from CU-Lock Haven's Criminal Justice club embarked on an insightful tour of the Allenwood Federal Correctional Complex. The visit, aimed at prospective criminal justice majors, offered a firsthand look at the inner workings of a federal penitentiary.
The Allenwood Complex is notable for its tri-part structure, encompassing a low-security complex to medium-high-security penitentiary. Students were given the opportunity to tour the facilities, gaining valuable insights into the daily operations and the overarching mission of the institution.
Amidst the structured learning experience, nature made a charming appearance. Students were delighted by sightings of local wildlife, including deer and geese, adding an unexpected twist to the day's agenda.
Transported in style, the attendees rode in a limo van to and from the complex, adding a touch of luxury to the educational trip. This visit not only educated the students on the correctional system but also provided a glimpse into the balance between security and rehabilitation that Allenwood strives to achieve.