Commonwealth University Hosts Inaugural Presidential Leadership Summit



Commonwealth University recently hosted the inaugural Presidential Leadership Summit at the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg on Tuesday, April 25. The event, sponsored by PSECU, brought together student leaders, legislative allies, and alumni from Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, and Mansfield.

Commonwealth University President, Bashar Hanna, spoke about the transformative power of education and the need for the university, alumni, and supporters to partner together to create opportunities for students to participate in professional experiences that prepare them for today’s workforce.

According to Hanna, Commonwealth University strives to provide at least one professional experience, such as an internship, for each student every year. “Students who participate in an internship have a 70 percent chance of being employed immediately upon graduation, compared to 36 percent for those who do not participate in an internship,” Hanna said.

Commonwealth University’s Professional U initiative prepares students for success through high-impact professional experiences and also supplies them with Professional Experience Grants that provide or supplement resources for students to complete valuable internship experiences. “I encourage all our alumni to pay it forward by partnering with Commonwealth U to offer internship experiences, return to campus and assist with career training initiatives, including resume reviews and mock interviews, and funding professional experience grants,” Hanna said.

The Chair of Commonwealth U’s Council of Trustees, John Wetzel, spoke about the power of three and the importance of placing student success at the forefront of the university’s mission. He also thanked the student trustees from Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, and Mansfield for attending the event and supporting their fellow students.

Adam Stewart, PSECU’s vice president of strategic growth, marketing, and relationship management, cited the strength of the partnership between PSECU and Commonwealth U. He touted the importance of providing affordable, high-quality academic options for Pennsylvania students and spoke about PSECU’s role in offering financial literacy training to students at all Commonwealth U locations.

As Commonwealth University approaches the milestone of its first anniversary on July 1, student success remains the focal point of the institution's mission. Through partnerships with local and regional employers and alumni, the university will continue to serve as an economic engine for local communities and the commonwealth.