Commonwealth University Faculty Promotions Announced



Twenty-eight Commonwealth University faculty members have been promoted for the 2023-24 academic year. The promotions came after an evaluation process that was conducted in compliance with the faculty collective bargaining agreement and the Commonwealth University promotion policy. The promotions, which include faculty from the Bloomsburg, Lock Haven and Mansfield locations, are based on the value of excellence in teaching as well as scholarship and service.

"Congratulations to the faculty members who have received a promotion," said Dr. Bashar W. Hanna, Commonwealth University president. "Our exceptional faculty prepare our students for their careers and life after university. We are proud of their hard work and accomplishments in and outside the classroom and applaud their tireless dedication to our students' future."

Promoted to assistant professor:

  • Bridget Klein: Exceptionality Programs, Bloomsburg

Promoted to associate professor:

  • Jessica Briskin: Technology, Analytics and Workforce Learning, Bloomsburg
  • Skye Chernichky-Karcher: Communication Studies, Bloomsburg
  • Christopher Cummings: Student Success, Mansfield
  • Heather Erb: History, Philosophy and Political Science, Lock Haven
  • Katherine Fiegel: Health and Exercise Science, Lock Haven
  • Holly Jackson: Library Services, Mansfield
  • Ashley Lesniak: Health and Exercise Science, Lock Haven
  • Damien Marken: Anthropology, Sociology and Criminal Justice, Bloomsburg
  • Daniel McCurry: Chemistry, Engineering and Physics, Bloomsburg
  • Brian Oakes: Athletics, Mansfield
  • Carolyn Reid-Brown: Exceptionality Programs, Bloomsburg
  • Daniel Spooner: Biology, Lock Haven
  • Dain TePoel: Management, Lock Haven
  • Carrie Winship: Music, Theatre and Dance, Bloomsburg

Promoted to full professor:

  • Heather Bechtold: Biology, Lock Haven
  • Jennifer Deitloff: Biology, Lock Haven
  • Shiloh Erdley-Kass: Social Work, Bloomsburg
  • Christina Force: Technology, Analytics and Workforce Learning, Bloomsburg
  • Tom Gioglio: Athletics, Lock Haven
  • Jung Kim: Marketing and Professional Sales, Bloomsburg
  • Carolyn LaMacchia: Technology, Analytics and Workforce Learning, Bloomsburg
  • Wai Kwan Lau: Management, Bloomsburg
  • Eric Lippincott: Health and Exercise Science, Lock Haven
  • David A. Miller: Music, Theatre and Dance, Bloomsburg
  • Erica Moore: Exceptionality Programs, Lock Haven
  • Kristin Vincenzes: Counseling and Educational Leadership, Lock Haven
  • Kathryn Yelinek: Library Services, Bloomsburg