C&N Bank Donates $40,000 to Commonwealth University-Mansfield's Early College Program


Commonwealth University-Mansfield has received a $40,000 donation from C&N Bank in support of its Early College Program (formerly known as the Early Start Program).

The Early College Program enables qualified high school students to enroll in courses taught by Commonwealth University faculty – via face-to-face or online instruction – and earn college credits while still in high school. The program offers a discount representing a 75% tuition reduction.

Beginning with five agreements in 2018, the Early College Program has grown to more than 100 partnerships with public school districts and private schools throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

In addition to the standard, Early College courses taught by Mansfield faculty, course delivery is available at participating schools through the Concurrent Enrollment pilot program, enabling high school students to take Mansfield courses taught by qualified high school teachers on-site in their high school. The relevant university faculty must first approve the high school teachers providing instruction.

“Thank you to C&N Bank for their support of the Early College Program,” said Bashar W. Hanna, president of Commonwealth University. “Their support is vital to providing our Commonwealth University-Mansfield students in the Northern Tier an affordable, early start to their college education.”

Students who successfully complete an Early College course are granted automatic general acceptance for full-time enrollment at Commonwealth University. Specific academic degree programs may require additional application materials for consideration.

There can be many budgetary roadblocks preventing students from receiving the level of education they deserve. C&N is committed to closing this gap by supporting local organizations that have made it their mission to ensure every child has access to educational opportunities, according to their president and CEO.

“At C&N, we believe we play an important role in our local communities. It all starts with our youth – doing our part to provide them with valuable opportunities to learn and grow will lead to a brighter future for all of us,” said Brad Scovill, president and CEO of C&N.