Celebrating diversity through the ‘Faces of Access and Success’



Bloomsburg University’s Office of Access and Success is presenting a photography exhibition titled “Faces of Access and Success” featuring the work of students Hamier Booker and Tirazahinna (Tu Tu) Parker, along with John Wardigo, instructor of academic enrichment.

The exhibition in being held in “The Spot,” located in the Warren Student Services Center, room 22, featuring over 45 original photographs that will remain on display until Friday, March 20. The exhibition highlights the dynamic, diverse and dedicated students of Bloomsburg University’s Act 101, Board of Governors and Emerging Scholars programs.

“Many students who are served by my office feel like they’re invisible, both on campus and sometimes in the communities in which they come from,” said Ralph E. Godbolt, director of Access and Success. “The photography of Hamier, Tu Tu and John, captures the uniqueness of our students as they go about their daily lives here at BU, as they engage in intensive community service projects in low-income communities in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and as they demonstrate hope and resiliency daily.”

He adds, ‘I’m in awe of the photographs, and I’m in awe by the students we serve.”

About the Artists

Booker is a second-year student majoring in mass communications, a member of the Board of Governor’s Scholarship program and the Emerging Scholars program. His photography showcases the intricacies of life.

Parker is a second-year student in the Act 101 and Emerging Scholars programs. Parker is also a member of BU’s ROTC program, with a plan on being commissioned as an officer in the United States military after graduation. One of her prized photographs is an image of City Hall in Philadelphia. She took the picture at a time when she felt that she would not have an opportunity to return to BU after her first semester.

John Wardigo ’05, M‘19 has served as a member of BU’s faculty for more than 12 years. He believes his photographic works captures the soul of the subjects in his pictures.