Lock Haven


Robert “Bob” Lomison, a 1977 graduate of Lock Haven State College, recently solidified his commitment to enhancing professional development opportunities at Commonwealth University (CU) with a generous $250,000 gift in support of Professional Experience Grants (PEGs).

The Robert C. Lomison and Drew W. Cross Professional Experience Grant, established through the Lock Haven University Foundation (LHUF), will provide CU-Lock Haven students with learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom, fostering personal growth and professional development that set graduates up for rapid career advancement.

Lomison’s affinity for The Haven spans nearly five decades, dating back to the spring semester of his freshman year when he pledged and became a brother of the fraternity, Phi Mu Delta. He would go onto become the president of the Mu Zeta Chapter of Phi Mu Delta during his junior and senior years at Lock Haven. He then served as the fraternity’s national president from 1982-1990.

It was also in 1982 that Lomison made his first gift to his alma mater through the LHUF. Since then, he has gifted nearly $438,000 in support of students.

From establishing the Robert C. Lomison Scholarship in 2011, to entering the LHUF’s esteemed Legacy Society in 2022, Lomison has made at least one gift to the university during each of the last 28 years. For the past 31 years, he has also volunteered his executive leadership and student advocacy as an elected member of the LHUF’s board of directors.

The Robert C. Lomison and Drew W. Cross Professional Experience Grant, PEG will provide funding each year to support students in a diverse array of professional experiences, such as internships, co-op programs, study abroad opportunities, research with faculty, and more. 

Lomsion’s “why” for supporting PEGs is rooted in his belief that strong professional development during college is key to students’ post-graduate success. By funding students’ access to career-launching, extra-curricular experiences, Lomison is proud to play a part in enhancing student outcomes at CU, while helping them become better prepared to successfully enter the workforce upon graduating.

Lomison’s own journey, including the formative professional opportunities he received through his leadership roles with Phi Mu Delta as a Lock Haven student affirm his belief in the high-impact value of diverse exposure to professional experiences.

“My time at Lock Haven, and my involvement with Phi Mu Delta, was invaluable,” Lomison said. “I learned how to manage people and finances. The development of those skillsets is what gave me the leadership acumen that was the root of much of my future success.”

"I hope I can motivate others to become as philanthropic as their finances permit," he added, emphasizing the importance of alumni supporting CU in maintaining its competitive edge in attracting quality students, while enhancing its ability to facilitate real-world professional development throughout students’ college journey.

Lomison’s dedication to student success is also evident in his personal interactions with students. He cherishes the thank-you letters and photos he receives from scholarship recipients, which provide him with a tangible sense of the impact of his support. Additionally, his tight-knit relationships with fellow donors and LHUF board members enrich his ongoing involvement with the university.

Looking to the future, Lomison plans to continue supporting CU, even as he contemplates retirement and gears up in anticipation of more travel. His story is a testament to the lasting influence of dedicated alumni, and the profound difference one person can make in the lives of countless others.

Through sharing his story, he encourages others to seek out creative ways to leave their mark on CU students, ensuring that the nurturing spirit of The Haven Family continues thriving in perpetuity.

To learn more about blended giving, estate giving, creating a PEG or additional gifting vehicles for providing scholarship and other forms of philanthropic support to the Lock Haven University Foundation, contact Ashley Koser, LHUF executive director, at 570-484-2128 or