$91,000 in Commonwealth University Grants Awarded to Support Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Across Campuses



Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania's Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has awarded 22 individuals across four locations in Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, Mansfield and Clearfield mini-grants for the 2023-24 academic year totaling more than $91,000.

The mini-grants, used by the 14 faculty, seven staff and one student, will provide financial assistance for trainings, conferences, research, immersion activities and programming that strengthen excellence in diversity and inclusion for individuals or the community at Commonwealth University.

"The proposals awarded for this inaugural DEI mini-grant program year will support the ongoing efforts at Commonwealth University to create a welcoming and inclusive campus community," said Albert Jones, chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer. "The faculty, staff and students at all Commonwealth locations strive every day to create a sense of belonging within the campus climate. I am excited to see the innovative and value-added initiatives that will continue making things better at Commonwealth University."

"Congratulations to the recipients of Commonwealth University's DEI mini-grants," said Bashar Hanna, president of Commonwealth University. "We thank you for your work on behalf of our students as you implement initiatives that will foster an inclusive, welcoming community across all of our locations."

Below is a listing of some of the programs and initiatives that have been awarded mini-grants for the 2023-24 academic year:

  • Jacquelyn Borst - Lock Haven faculty, Stories of Success from the Frontlines of Healthcare, $500
  • Rebecca Baker - Lock Haven staff, Haven Leadership Program Appreciation and Empowerment, $750
  • Elisabeth B. Tomlin - Lock Haven faculty, The Culture Collective, $900
  • Madison Short - Bloomsburg student, Second Chance Prom, $1,000
  • Trinity Werstler - Clearfield staff, Supporting a Culture of Diversity, $2,005.37
  • Gretchen Sechrist - Mansfield faculty
    • MMIW National Day of Awareness, $2,150
    • Prejudice Projects, $3,000
  • Amarilis Hidalgo de Jesus - Bloomsburg faculty, Yolanda Pizarro, an African-Puerto Rican LBTG Writer, $2,600.00
  • Dr. Brett Everhart - Lock Haven faculty, Providing Access and Preparing North Philadelphia Students for College Success, $3,165
  • Tess Fosse - Bloomsburg staff
    • Disability A.L.L.Y. Workshops, $3,378
    • Empowering Students Through Coaching (Specifically Designed for Disability, Executive Functioning and Neurodiversity), $4,895
  • Christina Francis - Bloomsburg faculty, High School Diversity Conference, $3,600
  • Nichole Lefelhoc - Mansfield staff, Rising Together: DEIB Night of Networking, $3,720
  • Dave Kube - Bloomsburg faculty, Out in the Margins Exhibition, $5,000
  • Nicole Burkholder-Mosco - Lock Haven faculty, Period Poverty Project, $5,000
  • Dr. Michael McFarland - Bloomsburg faculty, Microaggression Training, $5,000
  • Rick Schulze, Lock Haven faculty, Recruitment of URM in Health & Ex. Science (EEJust Symposium), $6,200
  • Leo V. Sokoloski - Bloomsburg staff, Diversity Community Engagement & Outreach, $7,500
  • Darwin Kysor - Lock Haven staff, Career Competency Series: Eliminate YOUR Career Cryptonite, $8,000
  • Priya Poehner, Lock Haven faculty and Daniel Roesch, Bloomsburg faculty, Sweetening the teaching experience, $9,500
  • Jolene Meisner - Mansfield faculty, Wes Woodson "I Have Anxiety (So What?)" Keynote Speeches, $14,000
  • Dan McCurry/Gretchen Osterman - Bloomsburg faculty, Mid-Atlantic LGBTQA Conference 2023, TBD