Commonwealth University-Mansfield, formerly Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, music camp students at Butler Music Center

Academic Camps

Summer Music Camps at Mansfield

Discover the transformative power of music this summer with Commonwealth University's immersive academic camps.

Tailored for aspiring musicians of all backgrounds and abilities, our music camps offer a unique opportunity to explore, create, and refine your musical talents. Led by accomplished instructors and supported by world-class facilities, our camps provide a dynamic environment where participants can immerse themselves in a variety of musical styles and techniques. 

Whether you're mastering a new instrument, refining your vocal skills, or delving into music theory, our camps offer a supportive community and unparalleled resources to help you grow as an artist.


Mansfield Academic Camps

Join some of the best players in the region for a week of great music making.

Join us for our instrumental music camp for woodwind, brass, and percussion. Open to all students entering grades 9-12. Our camp faculty and instructors are committed to providing students with an exciting, positive, and rewarding experience. We hope that you will join us for a week of learning fun! Featuring chamber ensembles and a full concert band!

Outstanding Musical & Exploratory Experiences for Young Musicians!

Our Youth Music Camp is designed for musical exploration, experimentation, growth and fun for young and beginning musicians of all levels of ability. Campers participate in a variety of classes, individual lessons, chorus, band or orchestra, and a musical. We encourage at least a full year on an instrument for band or orchestra. 

Youth Music Camp is a wonderful week of immersion in music for young musicians. Come and explore the opportunities that await!

Immerse yourself in private lessons, choral singing, musical theater and a positive camp culture!

Find Your Voice welcomes students entering grades 9-12! Students will be immersed in private lessons, choral singing, musical theater scenes, and a positive camp culture. The week-long Academy will wrap up with students singing in a choir with a professional symphony orchestra and presenting their won concert which will showcase their hard work and creativity!

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