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CU Aspire

CU Aspire supports select incoming Commonwealth University students during their transition into college work and life by providing them with the tools, resources, and connections required to be successful.

Students invited to the CU Aspire program may have faced numerous challenges throughout high school, but persevered with grit and determination. While their grades may not meet traditional standards for college acceptance, their commitment to succeed is evident. Our team of success specialists are ready to help students go from high school senior to workforce ready in four years.    

Regardless of the campus applied to, admission into CU Aspire means that students will be asked to join the Commonwealth University - Mansfield campus community before the start of the fall semester to receive the best support for the transition to college life.

CU Aspire students get connected to resources that will support them throughout the fall semester and set them on the path to success in academic skills, social interactions, and career goals. With successful completion of the CU Aspire 3-week pre-Fall program and at least a 2.0 GPA at the end of the Fall semester, you will have the option to continue your studies at Mansfield or transfer to the Bloomsburg or Lock Haven campuses for the spring semester.

CU Aspire will help you:

  • Prepare for first semester courses
  • Build college study habits
  • Get to know campus spaces & places
  • Utilize campus safety measures
  • Meet other students
  • Find support for your college success
  • Provide just-in-time assistance in sessions throughout your first semester

Participation in CU Aspire shows you:

  • How your academic advisor supports your success in college
  • Where you can access Health and Wellness resources
  • How to find your people, build new friendships, and get involved
  • How to balance your classes and your personal time
  • Where campus buildings and resources are located

Frequently Asked Questions

For students who are invited to join the CU Aspire program, yes. CU Aspire will support you in your transition to college work and life. Because we are committed to your success, this is a condition of your admission to CU.

CU Aspire requires a $500 nonrefundable deposit. Students who successfully complete the program will have $250 of this fee applied to their bill for the Fall semester.

Yes. Like all CU students, you’re expected to attend Orientation. More information will be coming soon from the Admissions and Orientation office!

Move-in for CU Aspire is Sunday, August 4, 2024. You’ll arrive on campus ahead of other students, giving you time to adjust to the campus and make early connections with faculty, staff, and other new first-years!

No! Though your intensive experience will conclude before the start of classes, CU Aspire sessions continue throughout the fall term to prepare you for all the new things you’ll encounter as a college student.

The meal plan you select as you choose your housing is the plan you’ll use during CU Aspire. No additional meal plan is necessary.

You will have the same housing and roommate assignment from the beginning of the CU Aspire program through the Spring 2025 term.

Students can request a roommate on the Housing application. Roommate assignments will last through the academic year.

No, your roommate does not need to be a CU Aspire student. If your roommate is not a CU Aspire student then you will move into your room first and your roommate will join you at their assigned move-in time.

Keep checking your University email and personalized Admitted Student Portal for more information about:

  • New Student Orientation Days 
  • Specific move-in times 
  • Additional program information
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