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Radiation Science (Minor)

This minor is designed to prepare students for a wide variety of jobs devoted to protecting people and their environment from potential radiation hazards, while making is possible to utilize the beneficial uses of radiation in medicine, energy generation, industry and research.

Degrees & Offerings
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Students interested in the Radiation Science Minor should consult their advisor for information on course requirements. More information will be added to this page when available.

Courses and Curriculum

  1. Become proficient in the different types of radiation, their sources, and potential health effects and the monitoring of radiation in workplace situations in industry and medicine.
  2. Understand the safety regulations and protocols governing radioactive waste disposal, radioactive material transport and safe use of radioactive materials.
  3. Understand the effects of radiation on biological systems, the use of dosimetry in the workplace and how to measure correct dosages of radioactive materials.
  4. Become proficient in the use of the devices to measure radiation in the workplace and the environment.
  5. Design protective measures necessary in different radiological/working environments.
  6. Operate the actual instrumentation used to measure alpha, beta and gamma radiation.
  7. Describe and evaluate professional duties associated with Radiation and Health Physics, including the keeping to accurate laboratory, medical and clinical records of activities.

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