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Public Relations / Strategic Communication (Minor)

The Public Relations Minor allows for core, foundation, production and capstone experiences for enrolled students.

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Chair of the Department of Media and Journalism, Associate Professor
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The minor encompasses a required three-credit core of MEDIA 110: Introduction to Mass Communications and a required six-credit foundation including MEDIA 251: Public Relations Theory and Practice and MEDIA 352: Public Relations Tactics. Based on interests and desired skills, students may further choose from six required credits of production, selecting from MEDIA 271: Video Production 1, MEDIA 220: Introduction to Multimedia, MEDIA 230: Newswriting, or MEDIA 280: Introduction to Visual Communications. The minor will culminate with a required capstone experience, allowing students to select three credits from MEDIA 455: Public Relations Cases and Problems, MEDIA 475: Public Relations Workshop, or MEDIA 497: Internship.

This minor appeals to students outside of the department. Students who major in Media and Journalism cannot minor in Public Relations. Instead, this program provides options for students across campus.

Courses and Curriculum

Narrative Skills - Students will apply knowledge of storytelling skills to produce effective stories and strategic communication in multiple forms and contexts specific to their chosen area of concentration in mass media/communication.

Information Literacy - Students will demonstrate the ability to find, critically evaluate, and legally and ethically use information sources using appropriate methods and technologies.

Media Literacy - Students will develop the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media. This includes the technical and aesthetic skills and knowledge of the technology required to produce various media.

Civic Engagement - Students will demonstrate knowledge and application of the mass media’s role in a democracy as well as in an increasingly diverse and globalized society.

The Commission on Public Relations Education underscores that undergraduate programs should emphasize and strengthen writing and communication skills associated with other important skills such as storytelling, editing, and media relations by offering students exercises or experiences that stimulate writing and communication skills across a variety of format, genres and styles and for diverse communication purposes and situations.

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